Rainbow Six: Siege Details Its Season 4, Solar Raid, Coming December 6

The fourth season of Year 7 of Rainbow Six: Siege was unveiled yesterday at the reveal of the operation Solar Raid. The opportunity for them to present in detail all the novelties that will arrive on December 6th.

For starters, the team’s new recruit Ghosteyes who joins the rank of defenders: solis.

solis r6

The Colombian Agent is equipped with an augmented reality visor that she controls using her latest fashion watch. Using her SPEC-IO electric sensor, Solis can ping gadgets and enemies through walls and obstacles around her for a limited time, so her allies can spot them as well. You guessed it, the attackers are going to have to use non-electronic devices or rely on, among other things, the EMP grenade of thatcher to temporarily disrupt Solis’ technology.

The new map, Nighthaven Lab is the pride of its creators, as it is the first to incorporate lore. You’re probably extremely eager to browse the small, rather compact rooms, for fairly close combat on the ground floor, while slightly larger spaces await you upstairs. The theme is resolutely futuristic, including an animus from the Assassin’s Creed license. Roll on the crossover with the Rabbids for even more realism!

With this new season, will appear Rated 2.0Where ranked 2.0 for pudding lovers. A lot of changes are planned: the matchmaking ranking is no longer used to determine your rank, it will now be used to adjust your progression speed. Now, it’s the rank points, won or lost after each ranked match, that will allow you to evolve. There will be five divisions in each rank, and a new rank Emerald is inserted between Platinum and Diamond. Concretely, the major change is that you can now form squads with your friends who are much worse than you without any restrictions. Matchmaking is supposed to adapt to match you against an equivalent team. And on the reputation side, as we said at the beginning of the month, it will be displayed in game to indicate to the player the perception of their actions in game. This is intended to lead players to interact in a healthier way with their teammates and discourage toxic behavior. For now, this is only indicative, but over time, it could affect the speed of progress in unlocking rewards.

On the side of the battlepass, there too, there is a big upheaval. Instead of unlocking items one by one in a linear fashion, you can branch off to get to a particular item you want faster. It’s quite reminiscent of the system present in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

Finally, as planned during roadmap update, there will finally be cross-play for console players, but above all, cross-progression, if the absurd idea of ​​wanting to play sometimes on console and sometimes on PC occurs to you. We will also note an update to the shooting range, a change in the colors of the agents’ devices to better differentiate them from those of his team, as well as a whole host of other adjustments and quality of life improvements.

While waiting for December 6, go to the official page of Solar Raid for more details.

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