PS5: this new futuristic shooter project with dinosaurs shows up for the first time

Announced the day before it was held, PlayStation’s latest State of Play conference was held last night. After an edition exclusively devoted to the car racing game Gran Turismo 7, players were counting on discovering more and more varied games. If the wait has not necessarily been fully rewarded, one ad in particular still stands out: a new cooperative shooter from Capcom.

Capcom’s new game that saves the PlayStation event

This Wednesday, March 9, PlayStation had given us an appointment at 11 p.m. for a new State of Play. This conference, which is held regularly and which generally promises many announcements, was expected at the turn, especially since with its short duration of 20 minutes, the pace was announced to be particularly sustained. As always, many players were hoping to discover new images of highly anticipated titles such as God of War: Ragnarok, Final Fantasy XVI, or Hogwarts Legacyfantasy of all Harry Potter fans.

None of that in the end and it must be admitted that many came out quite disappointed with this State of Play of March 2022, despite some nice announcements like the PS5 exclusive Returnal which acquires new free content. The players will not have lost their evening, however, since Capcom has still pulled out of the game. The Japanese publisher has indeed opened the ball with the surprise announcement of a brand new futuristic cooperative shooter project (it takes place in 2043) calledExoprimal. If you never imagined yourself equipped with exoskeletons and fending off hordes of dinosaurs, then maybe you should be more imaginative.


A game with an original concept

It is therefore with a presentation of just over two minutes that Capcom (Resident Evil, Monster Hunter) opened the State of Play with what might just be the first game in an all-new franchise: Exoprimalwhich will a priori be a Playstation exclusive. Slated for release in 2023, it will be a cooperative third-person shooter where players will have to team up to fend off hundreds of dinosaurs that mysteriously appear from vortexes in the sky. For this, as the name of the game suggests, you will be well equipped since you will have many exoskeletons At your disposal.

In the manner of a Anthem, each of these exoskeletons will have its own specificities: some will allow you to be particularly agile on the ground, while others will allow you to do very big damage or even to act as a very resistant tank. You would have understood it, there lies all the interest of the game in cooperation, since the players will be able to occupy complementary roles with each other.

Hello, viewers. Welcome to Exoprimal, a new co-op action game with a competitive edge.

Two teams of five players in powered armor battle hordes of dinosaurs. Only one team will survive.

Today’s dinosaur forecast: Low. Have a pleasant day.#Exoprimal

March 9, 2022

But the particularity of the game (beyond having you slaughter dinosaurs that literally fell from the sky) is thatIt also has a competitive dimension. Indeed, the five cooperating players will face another team of five players! The dinosaurs will therefore not be your only source of concern, since “only one team will survive”. We now look forward to learning more about Exoprimalexpected for 2023 on PS4 and PS5!

PS5: this new futuristic shooter project with dinosaurs shows up for the first time