PS5: the console’s new Pro controller will have a secret function!

The DualSense Edge, Sony’s newest controller for PS5, has a secret trick to combat drift.

Sony has just unveiled its brand new DualSense Edge controller. Created for pro PS5 players, it includes a secret tip to avoid drifting. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

PlayStation VR 2 unveiled on PS5

Since its release in November 2020, the PS5 has been expanding its catalog of games, but also of accessories. Indeed, Sony multiplies the objects to make the gaming experience even more unique.

Thus, for several months, Sony has been teasing the release of its brand new virtual reality headset. This is the PlayStation VR 2.

Last June, the Japanese firm unveiled the design of this new helmet, only compatible on PS5. Its futuristic and very refined style had impressed gamers.

Especially since it was only a first glimpse. Indeed, Sony went much further a few days ago. The Japanese firm unveiled the release date of the helmet.

To be able to use it on PS5, it will be necessary to wait a little. Indeed, the helmet will not come out not before early 2023. Moreover, some details have been revealed.

For example, it will be possible to film oneself, to personalize the game space, to have a cinematic mode and to use the “transparent view” option. Great !

This is not the only accessory that Sony plans to put on sale on PS5. Indeed, the firm has just unveiled a brand new controller. Moreover, the latter includes a secret trick. MCE TV tells you more!

A controller full of surprises

A few days ago, Sony unveiled a brand new controller for PS5. It is the DualSense Edge. It is a controller dedicated to pro players.

This is a real gem of technology. Indeed, this controller is ultra-customizable. Indeed, the interest of this controller lies in its appropriation by the players.

The rear buttons are interchangeable and the controls customizable. As for the joysticks, they are removable. Thus, each player can mold the controller to their style of play. Great !

Moreover, the possibility of modifying the joysticks is a godsend for pro players on PS5. Indeed, high-level gaming is played on details.

And gamers are not unaware that PS5 controllers are affected by drift. This reliability issue can trigger unwanted actions when we play. In some cases, you can’t play at all.

Thus, by offering PS5 gamers the chance to change this concern, Sony is tackling the root of the problem. An initiative that will surely be appreciated by the players. In addition, it helps to fight against wear.

As a reminder, joysticks will be sold separately of the joystick. You will therefore have to pay a little more to have them.

So let’s hope that Sony won’t be too greedy on their price. For the moment, Sony has not revealed the prices. Case to follow!

PS5: the console’s new Pro controller will have a secret function!