PS5: PlayStation is working on a “DualSense Pro” controller!

To the delight of PS5 players, PlayStation is working on a Pro version of the DualSense!

Considered by many to be best gamepad ever, the DualSense could soon be entitled to a Pro version. Competitive players on PS5 will be able to step up a gear. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The DualSense seduces PS5 players

Available for purchase since November 2020, the PS5 has established itself as the reference of the new console generation.

No other seems to be able to compete! Admittedly, Microsoft hit hard with the Xbox Series, but obviously not enough to shake its Japanese competitor.

For long months before the release of the console, Sony thus fueled the mystery around the latter. The Japanese firm then unveiled a product with a futuristic design and extraordinary capabilities for a home console.

Impossible to resist! When the machine arrives in stores, players from all over the world rush to get it.

In just a few minutes, the PS5 then disappears from the rays. Its success, it also owes it to its controller. Called DualSense, it puts an end to the DualShock series.

The product presents itself as a true concentrate of technology. Adaptive triggers, haptic feedback and LED screenit offers a much more immersive gaming experience.

Nevertheless, some already want to move up a gear. Competitive players thus hope that a Pro version will come out one day.

To their delight, a famous insider recently announced the launch of it. According to Tom Henderson, Sony should unveil it in the open in the coming months. MCE TV tells you more!

A Pro version for competitive players

As Tom Henderson reports, Sony is working on a new controller official for the PS5 and this one has some impressive specs.”

The project would then respond to the name “Hunt”, but would be called “PS5 Pro Controller” internally. What will it offer more than the classic DualSense?

It will be endowed removable joysticks, triggers in the form of paddles, but also interchangeable handles. Yes, you did read that!;

On the design side, there are no major noticeable changes. The future DualSense strongly resembles its first version. We just have to wait for Sony’s announcement!

Not long ago, MCE TV revealed to you how update your controller from a PC. Don’t worry, it’s not very complicated.

First of all, you should know that it is infeasible on Mac. You must have a computer under the Windows 10 or 11 operating system.

It’s the case ? Perfect ! Start by downloading “DualSense Wireless Controller Software Updater”.

Save it on your PC and then follow the given steps. You can then update your controller from the latter.

Another good news, a remake of The Last of Us is getting ready on PS5!- No, you’re not dreaming.

PS5: PlayStation is working on a “DualSense Pro” controller!