Presentation of the strategic plan for local development: Mayor Jean

The 4th ordinary session of the Cocody municipal council took place on Tuesday, November 08, 2022, at the municipal hall of the said municipality in the presence of representatives of the guardianship and those of the living forces of the municipality.

Of the six issues on the agenda of the day, the first, namely the presentation and adoption of the local development strategic plan 2021-2025 of the municipality of Cocody is the one that will have focused the attention of the assembly the most, indicated an information note transmitted to

Indeed, projected on PowerPoint by a well-referenced local firm, this study set out to present the strategic diagnosis, the strategic planning, the programming of actions and the development of project sheets.

Regarding the diagnosis, the scientific approach has identified the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities of the municipality of Cocody before highlighting the threats that await this city.

If in terms of strengths, we can cite among others, the presence of significant educational, health and safety equipment, an active tertiary sector and the development of lagoon transport, in terms of weaknesses, there is an anarchic development of the informal sector. , the absence of cultivable land and increasingly recurrent land problems.

As for the opportunities, they mention the improvement of the existing road network, urban and peri-urban safety.

And as far as threats are concerned, the study notes the risks of destruction of buildings located on the rights-of-way of waterways, land disputes and overbidding of urban lots.

Starting from this diagnosis, the presenter will carry out the strategic planning, the programming of actions and the development of project sheets which in the end will lead to the improvement of the living environment, the control of land, town planning and housing, promotion of the local economy and governance, and capacity building for young people and women.

“In total, actions that will lead to an ultra-modern, more prestigious, larger and more attractive Cocody by 2025”, specifies the document.

On the question, the study indicated by way of example that the square meter of land today in Cocody has gone from simple to triple and that consequently, new constructions can only align themselves with this standard, very far from the level of the buildings of the old Cocody.

But notable fact, noted by the cabinet, nearly half of the sites announcing the futuristic Cocody, has already been started by Mayor Jean-Marc Yacé and his team. This earned the rapid adoption of this major point.

The other concerns on the agenda, such as the status of the execution of the budget from January to September 2022 or the execution of the 2023 budget documents, to name a few, however, did not fail to interest. They were all approved by the councilors who led the discussions in a studious but above all cordial atmosphere.

This to the great satisfaction of the guardianship and the councilors who congratulated Mayor Jean-Marc Yacé for his management, his leadership and above all his vision for Cocody.

Note that among the guests was the Prefect out of rank, Gervais Coulibaly.


Presentation of the strategic plan for local development: Mayor Jean-Marc Yacé promises a municipality