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Predator: The Prey (Prey)

Set in the Comanche Nation 300 years ago, this is the story of Naru, a fierce and skilled warrior, raised in the shadow of the legendary hunters who roamed the Great Plains. When danger threatens her camp, she sets off to protect the town from her. The prey she stalks turns out to be a highly evolved predatory alien with a technically advanced arsenal. Directed by Dan Trachtenberg, Predator: The Prey (Prey) is starring Amber Midthunder, Michelle Thrush, Stefany Mathias, Mike Paterson, Dakota Beavers Y Stormee Kipp. The film opens in Disney Plus on August 5, 2022.

A successful and distant twist to the saga

Many purist moviegoers may cry out loud for the very modern message of #MeToo that the film has, especially considering that we are in 1719, but they will see it as normal that a hunter from space arrives on Earth to hunt the deadliest predators on our planet. Perhaps to maintain the previous intrigue with the promotion, or to separate it somewhat from the saga for those fans, this new film has as its original title Prey and do not refer to predator (although in Spain it is called Predator: The Prey).

Those responsible for Disney had on their hands the difficult task of selling a movie as a prequel to predator that was completely away from the original story that showed the confrontation between the typical action heroes of the 80s and 90s, those muscular men who stood up to any type of rival, with a beast like no other, to change the protagonist for a young teenager , and that the fans of always came to see it. But there is also the opposite case, and it is that many of those who would go to see an adventure of a strong young woman who stands up to the patriarchal society might not see it if the promotion made it clear that its plot came from history soaked in testosterone that is in the memory of almost everyone thanks to the unforgettable image of arnold schwarzenegger. The result, regardless of the title, is satisfactory for the two very different groups of viewers.

One girl against everyone, literally

Predator: The Prey has a lot to tell about a time when the Comanches did not have a good time, but it does not take too much advantage of the daily problems of this tribe, instead clearly focusing on Naru, this young warrior (in all senses) who wants to hunt with the men of the tribe and earn the rank of hunter, but it is difficult in a society in which women were not so integrated.

Although to date we have almost always had known names as a claim to the saga predator What Arnold SchwarzeneggerDanny Glover either Adrian Brodyof which there is no doubt is that Amber Mid Thunder is, on her own merits, a true action heroine, and we believe her physical abilities and her character’s quick thinking from the beginning, so if we let ourselves be carried away by her story, we will fully enjoy this death match between the young future hunter and the deadliest hunter in our galaxy.

More real landscapes than special effects

Just as important is the cast and the story as the special effects in a film of this type, and the saga has always been characterized by trying to be at the forefront of special effects. I still remember with pleasure the surprise I got when I saw this hunter’s camouflage for the first time in his adventure in 1987, with amazing digital effects for that time. In 2022, everything is expected to look believable but also shocking, and the fact of not going to theaters may have caused an unconvincing CGI to look at times, but knowing that it has gone directly to television, the result is more than effective.

Curiously, this film seems excessively luminous for a installment of predatorbut Dan Trachtenberg and his director of photography Jeff Cutter They have known how to make the most of the idyllic landscapes where they have been filmed so that the wonderful natural backgrounds do not force us too much that we are facing a historical science fiction film, but rather a confrontation for the survival of a young woman and her entire tribe.

Predator: The Prey It exceeds the low expectations that we could have of a fifth installment of a somewhat burnt franchise, and once the action begins we can’t help but encourage the young hunter to finish off this deadly space warrior, being a real breath of fresh air for the saga, with a more than successful contrast between archaic weapons and futuristic weapons. The movie definitely works well for both 80s action fans and those who grew up on other action movies like The Hunger Gamesalbeit with an extra dose of blood.

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Predator: The Prey

Predator: The Prey (Prey) | Review: A breath of fresh air