The 2022-2023 season of the Orchester des Pays de Savoie begins slowly, with a concert by the quartet of the OPS, this September 3. Rehearsals resumed on August 24, under the direction of Pieter-Jelle de Boer. The opportunity to meet the chef.

Un year after your arrival in Savoie, what is your assessment?

PJDB I was lucky to arrive in September 2021, when we were able to start making music again and play our whole season. The orchestra has undergone many renewals and we were all in the same dynamic, with the desire to do new things. These musicians are of very high level and the regional orchestras are a wealth for France, because they irrigate the territory with beautiful music.

How does the creation of a season take place?

PJDBIt’s a mix between my desires as a musician and our missions. Our authorities ask us for certain things, such as the presence of roaming on the territory, but also to reserve an important part for creation or to address all audiences, with proposals for schoolchildren.

Why baptize this season “Offshoots”?

PJDBI like to start with a work from the repertoire. Branches is a work by the Hungarian composer György Ligeti, whose centenary we celebrate in 2023. Many people know him without knowing it, because the film 2001 a space odyssey cites several works by Ligeti. So there is this very futuristic image of constellations. As an orchestra, we can understand it as being rooted in the territory of the two Savoys, we branch out wherever we go. It is also a way of offering classical music in different formats.

You often use the expression “irrigate the territory”: is music as necessary as water?

PJDBNot from a pure survival point of view, no, we need water first to make music. As a structure, we are developing a reflection around environmental issues. We will also be dealing with our green balance sheet shortly. Afterwards, the music is essential and it is very important that everyone has access to it. Moreover, bringing culture means cohesion, good energy and moments of encounter and wonder. Music makes it possible to transmit things beyond everyday life.

What do you wish for this new season?

PJDBWe build one season after another, but we also work over time. We need to feel carried over time by an audience that we don’t necessarily have the opportunity to see as often as we would like. We are on the road a lot and rarely return to certain places to find our spectators and forge a bond with them. It is these important and strong moments with the public and our partners that we must wish for.

Quatuor Mozart : samedi 3 septembre, à 17 h, au cinéma L’Embellie, à Fourneaux. 04 79 05 07 46. Gratuit.

Pieter-Jelle de Boer: “We need to be carried by the public” – La Vie Nouvelle