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Pardo Yachts at FLIBS with the GT52 and the 50 Missoni

Pronouncing the two words at the same time – GT and Missoni- is enough to capture attention, but doing it at the 63rd edition of the FLIBS undoubtedly makes it much more intriguing, making you the ‘”Epicenter of attention”. This is what happened to Pardo Yachts, which recorded a phenomenal success on the occasion of the American debut of the GT52, flagship of the shipyard, and of the Pardo 50 Pegasus Missoni.

Pardo Yachts GT52 at FLIBS

Inserted between the Walkaround and Endurance lines, the GT52 diversifies the Cantiere del Pardo range by introducing a new icon of speed and style at sea. The new 52-footer has its own personality, particularly appreciated thanks to its most prolific element: the continuity between the interior and exterior spaces. Clear examples of this are the opening of the stern hatch, the aft side windows that rise upwards and the semi-open roof; all elements that complete the stern equipment with a dining table that can be transformed into a sundeck if necessary and a larger bathing platform, thanks to the approximately two feet of extra rear space.

Also noteworthy is the possibility given to the owner and his guests to take advantage of a new cockpit, made even more functional. Given the predilection of Americans for large banquets and large refrigerators, the kitchen is available in two versions to better satisfy the tastes of the amateur and his guests (in terms of furniture, we mean furniture, not food).

Thus, the version galley-up places the galley near the cockpit, accompanied by a sitting room with TV on the lower floor; in the second configuration, on the other hand, the super-equipped galley is located below deck with a very large square dinette on the main deck. In both cases, internal livability takes on a new meaning based on the specific interests of the shipowners on board (and at the quay).

The fun begins at the bow, immense and futuristic looking, with a flush deck so large that it can accommodate the entire party on board. The natural teak details are not only pleasing to the eye, but also make the walking surface extremely comfortable. In true Pardo spirit, a three-person cot was then positioned facing away from the windshield.

Now let’s move on to the GT question. pardo at the flibs gallery downEver since our cousins ​​in the automotive industry coined the term “gran turismo” starting with the Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GT (before Ferrari and Ford followed suit and made them an integral part of the automakers’ DNA), Americans have Always loved the glorious emblem of raw power stamped on anything with a motor. The two letters for high performance “under the tailgate or bonnet” and opulent exterior details excite them mentally; I should know, because I’m one of them!

Perhaps our obsession explains the extraordinary success that the Pardo high-performance hull achieved during all five days of the exhibition and, of course, during the party reserved exclusively for the GT52, enlivened by live music and unlimited drinks until sunset .

High fashion meets the sea with the Pardo 50 Missoni

leopard pegasusThe Missoni brand is as exciting as a GT logo; if the latter is particularly appreciated by lovers of speed, fashion enthusiasts certainly prefer the brand Made in Italy. Regardless of who prefers what… interior designer Cristina Pizzuto has been able to capture the essence of the haute couture label and home collections by introducing the Missoni zigzag motif into yachting through Pardo Yachts; her magical touch extended beyond the fabric-upholstered ottomans and matching Missoni Seabobs.

Owned by Pardo’s global brand ambassador, Heigo Paartalu, himself a fashion and lifestyle icon, the 50 Missoni Edition represents the highest expression of Italian luxury uniting two distinct brands, letting the soul of the avant-garde stylist to the sea.

And like Pizzuto, the well-known shipyard also has its magic touch. Pardo Yachts began the exhibition in a central point of Dock G, in the heart of FLIBS, to then conclude with a special place in the hearts of visitors!

Pardo Yachts at FLIBS: GT52 and 50 Missoni | All boats