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The professions of the future related to artificial intelligence

What are the professions of the future related to artificial intelligence? —
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We have often talked about artificial intelligence and the possible implications of using text generation software like ChatGPT. It is no coincidence: it is in fact estimated that 85% of the professions that will exist in 2030 have not yet been invented and that about 51% of companies today are investing in Artificial Intelligence.

Investing today in the future profession, therefore, means above all predicting where the market will go, and what will happen in a few years: the professionals of the future will in fact be required transversal skills, which integrate a technical background and deep awareness of the specifics of Artificial Intelligence with an understanding of linguistic patterns or knowledge of ethical issues underpinning the debate on the impact of AI. In this scenario, not only new challenges open up, in terms of skills to be acquired, but also countless possibilities and innovative professions.

indigo. to thethe startup that helps companies communicate with their users using artificial intelligence, locates 5 professions of the future more and more requests in a market made up of conversations. So let’s see what they are and why you should focus on ad hoc studies once your diploma is finished.

Conversation designer

The Conversation Designerresponsible for user experience design in a conversation that takes place via chatbot, she has copywriting and UX Design skills and is responsible for designing the flow and contents of the conversation to respond to users’ potential doubts and curiosities.

Prompt Designer

If the Conversation Designer takes care of writing the conversations in order to bring the best possible results for companies and users, the next step is the Prompt Designer.
The prompt specialisti.e. the “brief” or instruction that is given to generative AI models to produce the desired result (be it a text, an image or, in the case of the chatbot, a conversation), knows the technologies and, at the same time, the human language and its dynamics.

Artificial Intelligence Ethicist

Usually having a philosophical background, the ethicist of Artificial Intelligence is a scholar of AI Ethics, i.e. the system of moral principles and techniques intended for the responsible development of AI technologies. L’Artificial Intelligence Ethicist he is a figure – often of academic origin – who supports companies in eliminating the biases of Artificial Intelligence and asking questions about the impact of technologies.

Data Labeling Specialist

The profession of Data Labeling Specialista specialist in “data tagging”, is growing from strength to strength: it is expected that the market fordata organization it will reach $3.5 billion by the end of 2024. Whether it’s data labeling for image recognition purposes, speech systems or textual content processing, data labelers help models focus on and recognize specific inputs.

Gardeners of the future

As he tells Sofia Erica Rossi on the indigo podcast. to Talk Magic, in a futuristic scenario the conversations will also be extended to the interaction with other living species, animals and plants. For example, it will be possible for i future gardeners converse with plants thanks to specific and innovative systems of simultaneous translation between human language and vegetable language.

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Orientation: the professions of the future linked to Artificial Intelligence | Studenti.it