Nuevo León will have the best Constitution in the country, says Samuel García

Monterrey.- The Governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García Sepúlvedatrusted that the State Congress will approve in the second round the document of a comprehensive proposal for a new Constitution that was delivered today to the 75th Local Legislature, with the inclusion of observations, criticisms and contributions made by experts, to the project presented by the Executive on February 23, and was approved in the first round on March 23.

Leading a meeting in the Benito Juárez room of the Government Palace to thank more than 50 members of the Support Group for the New Constitution project, made up of specialists and academics in the field, coordinated by Pedro Torres Estrada, the president pointed out that At the end of the work that included the holding of four forums and discussions, at the preparation of the final document that includes all the proposals, criticisms and observations on the project already approved by Congress in the first round, the objectives were met “and now comes the important thing because this document includes new rights”, not considered in the original project.

“They say they are simple, but to apply them and bring them to reality is going to be interesting, they are rights such as care for the elderly, the right to non-corruption, the right to sustainable mobility, the right to care for water, to protected natural areas, the right to protect women at all times, especially in gender-based political violence”, explained García Sepúlveda.

He also stated that this comprehensive reform comes at a time when the world is changing paradigms, and today’s Nuevo León has nothing to do with the one we had 20 years ago, much less with the one 104 years ago, which was when the Constitution was born. current, among these new natural and social phenomena are climate crisis, global crisis, recession, inflation, wars, migration, population increase.

He gave as an example that today in Nuevo León we are twice as many people as 20 years ago, “with the same territory, with the same basin with the same resources, but all these challenges force us to go further, to innovate, to be creative. , to coordinate, to be collaborative, and what better than to be in the spirit of an avant-garde, futuristic, federalist state in a cooperative federalism, not the one that seeks division, the classic one, but a cooperative, modern one, where we all know that we have to do more than we have to, to solve those crises.

García Sepúlveda asked “with great respect for Congress” to make the effort to get this document out – the constitutional reform in the second round – as soon as possible, not because of a sense of haste or urgency that there is, but also because There will be other legal mechanisms that have to accompany the new Constitution to really give it life, first of all because of the 2023 budget.

In this regard, he pointed out, “well, what use are rights, programs, public policies, if the corresponding check is not stapled in next year’s budget”; And what is the use of a metropolitan coordination chapter if the Regulatory Law that gives them life does not come out, and this can happen in October, November and December to start very strong with a budget and regulatory laws in 2023.

He pointed out that he has seen very good spirits in the legislators, and given the possibility that Congress approves the new Constitution, “I see an opportunity for Nuevo León to once again be an example as we always are, but not only in the industrial and economic area. where we are very fregones”.

He stated, “Today Nuevo León has the opportunity to set an example in legal, constitutional matters for the entire country, because I have no doubt that, as Diego Valdés said, this is going to be a better constitution than the one we have in the City of Mexico”.

Later, when presenting the document to Congress, together with the members of the Accompaniment Group, the governor told the legislators that if they carry out the new Constitution, they will greatly help the Executive in the tasks of transforming Nuevo León.

He pointed out that the time has come to socialize the document, for it to be fully disseminated, for people to read it, and make it their own. He suggested that they see it with proactive eyes, because it would be very easy perhaps an attitude of destroying, criticizing, pointing.

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Nuevo León will have the best Constitution in the country, says Samuel García