MOW’s ultimate guide to the best men’s eyeglasses of 2022

More than a question of style, eyeglasses, for many, are a need. But who says that fashion and necessity cannot be combined? Here is a review of the best men’s eyeglasses of 2022

C.‘is who – like myself – has had to fight all their life with the hard fact of being practically a mole, and having to decline the need to see well, not wanting to look like a bookworm. But fortunately, for some years in this part, fashion has awakened towards us poor shortsighted and astigmatic people and has decided that yes, even eyeglasses can become a cool accessory. So let’s say goodbye to all those horrifying, heavy and uncomfortable frames we had to share childhood with, and take a cue from celebrities to review the best men’s eyeglasses of 2022.

Ray Ban Clubmaster

S.and you want to make a virtue of necessity, Tom Hanks is the example to aim for. The classic Ray Ban Clubmaster, declined in eyeglasses, is one of the most iconic frames in the history of eyewear which, in addition to giving you a refined intellectual aura, perfectly matches any type of style. In “Try to Catch Me” the actor flaunts it with great elegance, but the Clubmaster is a frame that also fits perfectly on more casual and modern styles. Dedicated to lovers of thick frames and to all those for whom eyeglasses above all mean expressiveness.

Tom Ford FT5542-B C50 001 – shiny black

B.rad Pitt is a great admirer of Tom Ford eyewear, both sunglasses and prescription. With the Tom Ford FT5542-B C50 001 in a shiny black version, the Hollywood actor expresses all his histrionic personality and his timeless beauty. Glasses that never go unnoticed, ideal for all those who have sweet and graceful features and who, with the right glasses, want to give a touch of virility to their bearing. The Tom Ford FT5542-B C50 001 is a dandy style frame with a pinch of extravagance, dedicated to the most creative personalities, who love to always be at the center of the scene.

Guess GU 2849 (Large) (028) Glasses

Un pair of preppy and 90’s style glasses, ideal for those with a long / oval face like Ryan Gosling or Kit Harington. The Guess proposal is aimed at all lovers of round glasses, but with a bolder and more fashionable variant, with hexagonal and wide lenses. A thin, light and at the same time vintage and futuristic eyewear: a perfect combination that blends contemporaneity with nostalgia, a cool intersection between the present and the past.

Ray Ban Aviator

Un another classic Ray Ban that we have seen in all sauces: from the classic bottle green lenses, to the yellow ones with leather frames of “Fear and Delirium in Las Vegas”, up to the Aviator par excellence of Top Gun. But this time we interface with the iconic drop in its optical declination, especially loved by younger celebrities. Justin Bieber is totally in love with it, and there is no lack of opportunity to show off his silver-colored Aviator, with large prescription lenses that give a touch of charisma to his young and rounded face.

Silhouette Eyewear Titan Minimal Art: The Icon

THEThe Titan Minimal Art: The Icon is a 1999 proposal by Silhouette Eyewear, which owes its many years of fame to its minimalistic and unprecedented style, with clean and ultra-thin lines. The characteristic of this eyewear, which made it one of the most worn glasses in the world – and one of Patrick Dempsey’s favorites – is that it has no frames and screws, and therefore extremely light (about 1.8 grams) and not bulky. , avoiding the annoying problem of swinging. Glasses with customizable color temples, refined and refined, ideal for the most square and masculine faces.

Cult Eyewear Fairmount

Leyewear for any self-respecting heartthrob teddy boy. Inspired by James Dean, the Cult Eyewear Fairmount offers a frame available in various colors, but woe to you if you dare to prefer Night Black to the classic Tortoise. A true work of art of the eyewear universe, the Fairmount is a unisex eyewear with clear lines and an all-round, slightly cat-eye shape. One of the most iconic vintage designs ever created.

Dolce & Gabbana DG3222 501

UA square and slightly cateye frame, sported on multiple occasions by Justin Timberlake, who intensifies his boy-next-door allure with eyeglasses. A classic eyewear without too many pretensions, characterized by a sober style with a versatile and elegant frame. Better to combine it with a modern and daring look, not to be too much for the “class nerd” – as long as you’re not Justin Timberlake, of course. If too extravagant glasses send you into crisis, Dolce & Gabbana’s total black proposal will be for you.


Ua reinterpretation of the Aviator, but in a more casual key and with more decisive lines. The frame that Dave Franco often sports – adding a dash of extravagance to his good boy look – has a 70s-inspired frame that is sleek, bold and streamlined. Made of metal and Italian acetate, the KORVA-TT is an iconic eyewear of the centennial New York eyewear brand, and is perfectly suited to those with a round, oval and heart-shaped face.


THEThe GELT is the bolder and wider version of the LEMTOSH frame, and in its Crystal version in total transparency, it is also one of Matthew McConaughey’s favorite frames. An eyewear with square and gritty lenses, made by the skilful manufacture of MOSCOT eyewear. For an always decisive and impactful look.

Kirk & Kirk Horace Forest Green

THEThe king of eccentric and square eyeglasses is undoubtedly Robert Downey Jr. Among his thousands of choices, it is impossible to forget the creativity of Kirk & Kirk Horace Forest Green. An eyewear brand based in Brighton that churns out frames with kaleidoscopic and inclusive looks, with an authentic look and unexpected colors. An oversized double bridge eyewear, made of acrylic and metal.

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