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Interned in a forest where real and fictional creatures and settings are related, Mora García Médici sings to the duality and existence of the girl and the woman in “Desdoblar el bosque”, her new studio album in which she experimented with more electronic than his first material, dedicated to folklore and jazz.

The singer-songwriter, artistically known as MORA, will present the stories sung today and tomorrow in two places where she arrives for the first time on the recommendation of Juli Chamorro, a colleague who lived for a time on the Comechingones Coast and left her the reference that she would find an audience that is friendly to your proposal.

The first presentation will be today at 8:30 p.m. at the La Cometa Cultural Center, in Carpintería, where she will share the stage with Yani Lui, the renowned singer-songwriter based in the valley. Reservations are made at 2664 001666. Tomorrow he will perform at 9:30 p.m. in the Amigxs de Merlo space together with Damián Riher, in the tenth edition of the Stew cycle. The cost of the tickets ranges from 300 to 700 pesos.

MORA has been linked to music since she can remember. He learned to play the piano and the drums, and is part of different projects such as Juan Izkierdo, Natural Phenomena and El Resto de las Cosas, always with his compiled compositions ready to go when necessary.

One day he realized that he had the potential to shape his personal and solo project. She trained at the Avellaneda School of Popular Music and stepped forward soaked in knowledge. She found herself with a versatile band that helped her make it happen, she started playing her own songs and performed live under her full name.

In 2016 he released “Chispa”, his first studio album that has a more folkloric and acoustic essence. “After the release, I began to listen to another type of music, more futuristic. I learned to play the electronic piano, synthesizers and found a different sound that I included in my second material, without ceasing to get along with jazz and saxophones” said the singer-songwriter.

Upon discovering something new in her essence, she gave life to a new artist within García Médici: MORA, alone and with capital letters.

To his musical interest came the futuristic style. “Unfold the forest”, in which he not only works musically, but the proposal on stage is completed with audiovisuals linked to the lyrics of the ten songs that make it up; is the clear example of the evolution of MORA.

The lyrics of her second album are also related to the artist’s change of perspective. The album walks through a leafy forest where the real is intertwined with the dreamlike. Childhood and adulthood, life, dreams, before and after.

“In the album there is something important from the concept of doubling. The difference between the girl and the adult also appears; the world of fantasy and reality. The contrasts in an existing forest with another full of fantasy. Present dreams and a look at the real world and the dream world”, described the artist, who announced that in San Luis she will also sing new compositions fresh from the oven.


MORA: Woman of the future forest | The Republic Journal