Miguel Ángel Sánchez Ibáñez presents his book “The Great Adventure”

“I always worry about telling topics such as adventure, science fiction, fantasy, magic, I think we are now adults but we all carry a child inside and somehow we identify with these types of stories”… With great emotion and a bit of humor, the presentation of the book “La gran aventura” (The Great Adventure), of the stories of Miguelito, by the author Miguel Ángel Sánchez Ibáñez, took place at the “Francisco Villa” Museum, where attended by family, friends and the general public, of this well-known author.

“In the case of this book The Great Adventure, it all started in 2013, when we had the opportunity to take a trip to Europe, the trip was excellent, nothing happened, the years went by and at one point someone said they were going to raffle off a plane, and I said, well, we are going to use a plane to make our trips, and for that reason, the idea of ​​going to Dubai and visiting some countries that we met was born from there, and that gave me material to make a adventure in each of these places”expressed the author Sánchez Ibáñez.

Among the special guests were present the teacher Agustín Tamayo, member of Red de Escritores, as well as Jessica Cobos Magallanes, representing the teacher María Esther Díaz Zamora, writer, and Luis Niebla Vázquez, illustrator.

The author Miguel Ángel added “Since my daughters were young, I began to tell them stories that I was creating myself, because I did not want to resort to traditional tales and I realized that they began to be interested in these types of tales, which were based on farm animals where, for They generally had a happy ending, where there was gratitude, the virtues that can exist, I did it so that my daughters had those principles”he explained.

In addition, the author shared that when the grandchildren arrived, Leonardo was the first, he began to tell him a story, “and I started creating stories while I was driving to take him to school a story about vampires, and everything started coming out of nowhere, and he told me, grandfather when you come for me, will you follow the story or if we are at home at dinner time? sleep you’re going to continue and tell me what happened? Then Alonso began to integrate into the story, and it was as I was formulating stories that I realized that I began to have a certain facility to tell them, so I said one day, “if I’m telling stories and I don’t write them, well, I’ll forget them.” So I started writing them.”he claimed.

And what is next for Sánchez Ibáñez, points out “I already have material to create the second volume of what this first book is, it will not be very similar, but it does tend to be adventures in different parts of the world and even here in Durango, I am also getting a little involved in what It is poetry because I always like to put some phrases on it, dedicate a line to something poetic”he commented.

The book narrates the adventure of two lucky winners in a surprise trip raffle, the brothers Leonardo and Alonso; “I applaud the efforts of writing 12 chapters for children from Durango to Dubai, where humanoids exist, it is such a futuristic trip, where they meet the Queen of England, they also go to Paris, and take a walk to the beautiful city, then to Prague, the eight family members integrate and go to Barcelona where they sing ‘O Sole Mío’, enjoy Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting, Monna Lisa, a fanciful children’s novel”Diaz Zamora deduced.

This is a book that the whole family will enjoy, you can’t miss it.

Miguel Ángel Sánchez Ibáñez presents his book “The Great Adventure”