McLaren Solus GT, the car to feel like Lando Norris on the circuit

McLaren shows the first images of a new single-seater super sports car, the Solus GT, a vehicle of which only 25 units will be manufactured that are already sold. With an 840 horsepower engine, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds and allows its lucky owners a complete racing driver experience.

McLaren has become one of the world’s leading sports car manufacturers, for which it has had the great contribution of its experience in the world of Formula 1.

Now comes the latest expression of sportiness for the British brand with the Solus GT, a vehicle developed for its customers to have a racing experience with a car. Come on so we can feel like lando norris behind the wheel of the McLaren F1. And if you don’t believe it, look at the steering wheel of this model, derived from the competition.

The car has been designed for real life using McLaren technologies proven over years in motorsport, but also in the development of supercars and hypercars. And for that, this is the next step for McLaren in search of the maximum sportsmanship in the car.

The vehicle offers a striking exterior design of closed cabin and type single-seater, but offering an aircraft-type sliding top. And it has a structure based on a chassis carbon fiber monocoque unique in the market. The reason for this exclusivity is that it uses the engine as part of its structure, a system widely used in racing cars to reduce weight. The engine is therefore a structural element of the vehicle itself.

The steering wheel bears many similarities to the one Lando Norris has in his Formula 1 car.

Your engine is a 5.2 liter V10 displacement, without turbocharger and high performance. It allows to turn up to 10,000 revolutions per minute, which provides a power of more than 840 horses and 650 Nm of torque. Some really impressive figures that make it clear that it is a real race car.

1000kg weight

This feeling is amplified when it is analyzed that the vehicle weighs less than 1,000 kilos and offers an additional 1,200 Kg of downforce. What does this mean? because basically this Solus GT is like a vehicle of Formula 1, but bodied and made to enjoy behind the wheel.

This power-to-weight ratio and superb aerodynamics allow for truly impressive performance, with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in only 2.5 seconds and a maximum speed that exceeds 320 km/h.

This provides an experience of true race driver. To this end, the Solus GT includes a driver’s seat molded to the shape of the body, an FIA homologated racing suit and a homologated helmet. It also includes the hans device, tailored to each owner. And also included in the car package is a training program for the development of the owner as a true racing driver.

The car has been presented at the automobile week in Monterey in California and represents a special order for only 25 clients. Drawing on all of McLaren’s experience and expertise in motorsport, the Solus GT brings to life the futuristic McLaren Concept Car that appeared in the video game Gran Turismo Sport. The Solus GT is a car that comes for it from the screens.


McLaren Solus GT, the car to feel like Lando Norris on the circuit