McLaren Solus GT or what has been a video game car that comes true

McLaren Automotive presented us a few minutes ago the McLaren Solus GT, a model that seems to come from the digital world and of which 25 units will be produced, which by the way, are already sold. The single-seat, closed-cockpit track model has been introduced to the world in Monterey.

Designed to bring to life all of McLaren’s experience and expertise at the highest levels of motorsport and supercar and hypercar development, the Solus GT brings to life the futuristic McLaren concept that appeared in the Gran Turismo SPORT video game.

With less than 1000kg weight and aerodynamic performance including a downforce of over 1,200kg, the Solus GT, which is powered by a 5.2-liter naturally aspirated V10 engineis capable of achieving the fastest lap times of any McLaren outside of single-seaters.

Remarkably true to its virtual inspiration, the striking exterior design is based on proven aerodynamic principles and McLaren’s ‘everything for a reason’ design ethos, perfected by additional CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and aerodynamic research in wind tunnel.

The list of distinctive external features is long, and the sliding dome over the single center seat is one of the most striking. The rims are wrapped in aerodynamic pods and supported by suspension arms. A large front splitter directs air into ground effect tunnels before it exits the car through a rear diffuser. A motorsports-inspired air intake located above the cabin integrated into the design of the roll bar cover feeds cool air to the engine, while provides captivating induction sound.

A fixed, two-element rear wing is key to achieving a downforce figure that exceeds the car’s overall weight. The relationship between aerodynamic force and drag is also optimized.

The owners of the 25 units will have a custom seat, custom pedals and if that were not enough, everything will be adjustable.

The steering wheel, whose design is unique among McLaren production cars, is inspired by Formula 1, with a screen and essential controls integrated. Beyond the steering wheel the pilot will have his field of vision through a glass ‘bubble’, with integrated halo-style cab protection, mounted on which is a rear-view display powered by a wide-angle camera positioned inside the roll-over rim. The perfectly symmetrical 180-degree line of sight provided by the central riding position is further enhanced by the wheel pods.

To further heighten the excitement of Solus GT customers, McLaren is offering a full ‘racing driver experience’ including an FIA homologated racing suit, helmet, HANS device and bespoke earmuffs.

The Solus GT is powered by an exclusive 5.2-liter V10, built with low-volume machined components, which accelerates to over 10,000 rpm and delivers extreme performance.

With 840 hp of power and 650 Nm of torquethe engine was also chosen for its structural qualities and it is the first time in a McLaren production car that the engine is an integral part of the chassis.

The race-derived seven-speed sequential gearbox, is mounted at the rear of the engine with the rear suspension attached to the gearbox housing. The system is fully automated and software controlled, which eliminates the need for the driver to operate the clutch, helping to get out of the pits.

The Solus GT is based on a carbon fiber monocoque, in this case they include a carbon ‘prepreg’ process to achieve greater structural strength and a high uniformity of material finish. The front and rear chassis structures are also made from carbon fiber, with the engine and gearbox making up the rest of the chassis.

The suspension system incorporates double wishbones with internal torsion bar damping, operated via pushrods at the front and pullrods at the rear.

Inside the distinctive wheel caps are the 18-inch forged aluminum wheels with center lock nuts, shod with Le Mans prototype specification tires available in slick and wet compounds. Braking is provided by 6-piston machined aluminum monobloc calipers and carbon discs and brake pads. The driver can adjust the difference between the front and rear brakes from the cab.

The McLaren Solus GT is currently in the track testing stage of its development process. The first of the 25 cars will be delivered in 2023.

Source | McLaren

McLaren Solus GT or what has been a video game car that comes true