Maldives floating city, response to rising sea

Located in a warm water lagoon, 10 minutes by boat from the capital of the Maldives and Malé International Airport, the project Maldives floating city it is one of a kind.

Designed by Waterstudio architecture studio with the collaboration of Dutch Docklandsthe city offers a revolutionary approach to sustainable modern life. Maldives floating city is the first real one floating island city to the world: a dreamlike and futuristic landscape ready to become reality.

According to the plans of the Maldivian government, the first inhabitants of the city are expected to start moving in early 2024, while the entire work will be completed by 2027.

Environment and sustainability are the watchwords within the project. Given his minimal impact on the environmentthe architects define the development of the city “without scars“. For Maldivians, struck byelevation sea ​​levelsustainability is an innovation process in which new and effective methods must interact in a lasting way with what surrounds us.

Resilient to climate change and inspired by brain coral

Maldives floating city is the beginning of a new era where Maldivians return to the ocean through floating constructions durable and environmentally friendly.

The floating city is based on the local culture of Maldivian sailors, who can count on a strong relationship with the sea.

The colorful houses of Maldives floating city

Living on the water it is in line with their history and culture. The city is characterized as a nautical community, using the canals as the main infrastructure for logistics and access to the various grids, reducing travel by land. The project features a unique system of roads and water channels inspired by the patterned surface of the brain coral.

The idea of ​​using brain coral is not just a guiding concept. The whole project was born with the will to protect and protect coral reefs below the surface, underlining the responsibility that the Maldives assume in protecting this species around the world. The floating city is unique, both above and below the water surface, it is capable of create blue habitat that project and stimulate the growth of corals. Artificial coral reefs will be attached to the lower part of the city, stimulating the growth of natural reefs.

The moorings of the boats of the Maldives floating city
The design is made so that the shadows caused by the space covered by the floating structures are in balance with the amount of sunlight reaching the bottom. For this the floating structures are spaced apart.
The coral reefs submerged and protected lagoon will provide a natural break for the waves which, combined with the interconnected grid of floating structures, provides comfort and safety to residents.
No cars are allowed on the city, only bicycles And electric scooters silent.

The common spaces of the Maldives floating city
Waterstudio architects and Dutch Docklands developers envision the floating metropolis as a next-generation facility that balances sustainability and livability. The project is a practical solution to the harsh reality of sea level rise. Its intelligent infrastructure and dynamic and adaptable configuration is able to respond effectively to weather conditions and to climate changes. The city will in fact be able to rise with the tide.

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Maldives floating city, response to rising sea