Makeup Revolution Fantasy: makeup collection dedicated to the zodiac

In the Fantasy Makeup Revolution collection, eyeshadow palettes, pencils and lip glosses speak for us, expressing ours Zodiac signs and the dominant elements!


The sky and its stars are the frame that accompanies us for life, marking all the most important moments and fixing them in time! Even the instant of birth is marked by a specific position of the stars, which we prepare to recall each year on our birthday. Right at constellations the Makeup Revolution Fantasy makeup collection is dedicated! Each of the twelve zodiac signs corresponds to a natural element between earth, water, fire and air, each with its own characteristics. The Fantasy make up collection celebrates the zodiac signs and the elements by adorning the packaging with fabulous astral-themed decorations. For each group there are palettes, glosses and lip pencils, vegan and cruelty free, which describe the typical traits of signs of the zodiac. Let’s discover the Makeup Revolution Fantasy makeup collection and express all our personality with make up!

Makeup Revolution Fantasy collection dedicated to the zodiac

Makeup Revolution Fantasy makeup collection

Fantasy Makeup Revolution makeup collection
Makeup Revolution Fantasy makeup collection – pic: @makeuprevolution


Let’s start this astral journey with the four palette from 9 multifinish eyeshadows of the Fantasy collection dedicated to the zodiac! The cardboard packs feature decorations inspired by the zodiac signs and elements. The Earth palette is inspired by earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, while Air is dedicated to the element ofair with the signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The mini Water palette focuses on the signs ofwater Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Finally, Fire is dedicated to the fire of the zodiac signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. We prepare the base with our favorite eye primer and see in detail the palettes and the swatches from the Makeup Revolution Fantasy makeup collection:

  • Earthwith nude and golden shades inspired by the spontaneity and naturalness of the earth signs, with antique gold and shimmer orchid pink, peach nude and mocha brown;

Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette

Swatches palette Makeup Revolution

  • Airfrom the mix of greens and blacks for mysterious and intriguing looks such as air signs, with shimmer emerald green and metallic silver, matt black and smoky brown;

Makeup Revolution mini palette

Swatches Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette

  • Waterwith magnetic pastel shades like the personalities of water signs, with green-based silver and shimmer midnight blue, opaque blue and indigo;

Makeup Revolution eye palette

Makeup Revolution eyeshadow swatches

  • Firewith warm and vibrant shades like the heart of the fire signs, with duochrome orange and bright champagne, shimmer candy pink, pumpkin color and matte chocolate brown.

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadows

Makeup Revolution palette color swatches

LIP KIT (PRICE € 6.99)

In perfect combination with eye make-up, the Fantasy make-up collection offers delicious lip kits for looks matchy-matchy. Each kit includes lip pencil and gloss with a mirrored finish, in coordinated colors. The winning duo of our tips on how to make up your lips! Here are the available colors of the lip duo, with beautiful examples of makeup:

Makeup Revolution lip kit

Makeup Revolution lip makeup

  • Waternude pink pencil and transparent lip gloss;

Makeup Revolution lip set

Makeup Revolution lips make-up

Makeup Revolution lip gloss and pencil

Gloss Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution lip gloss and lip pencil

Makeup Revolution red lips

Swatches gloss Makeup Revolution


Makeup Revolution’s Fantasy make up collection is available in This Page of the official website of the brand.

We remind you that on the official Revolution Beauty website the shipping costs are free for orders over 49 euros.

Do you like this makeup collection by Makeup Revolution dedicated to the Zodiac? Which references represent you the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Makeup Revolution Fantasy: makeup collection dedicated to the zodiac