Madman and Rancore in Lecce


The rappers Madman and Rancore will be the protagonists of the next concert, Tuesday 16 August, by Oversound Music Festival 2022, in the now usual location of the Pala Live in Piazza Palio in Lecce.

The Grottagliese by birth, born in 1988, Pierfrancesco Botrugno, aka Madman, is considered one of the most talented exponents of Italian rap. After the first mixtapes and the self-produced album “Escape from Heart”, in 2011 he began a collaboration with Gemitaiz, churning out the mixtape “Haterproof” (2011), the EP “Detto Fatto” (2012) and the albums “Kepler” ( 2014) and “Black Box” (2019). In 2013, shortly before signing with Tanta Roba Label, he releases “MM Vol.1” as a free-download, thus starting a series of mixtapes that will soon become a cult object for fans. In 2015 he released “Doppelganger” and, after a year “MM Vol. 2”, the second chapter of the saga, containing the song “Veleno 6” feat. Gemitaiz, still one of his most successful singles, triple platinum certified. Continuing to alternate the mixtape and official album releases, he releases “Back Home” in 2018 and “MM Vol. 3” in 2019, certified platinum and gold respectively.

On 7 June 2019 Gemitaiz & MadMan release “Veleno 7”, a song that beats the national record of daily streams for a single track on Spotify and which anticipates “Black Box”, the joint album released in September of the same year. In November 2021, after almost two years of pandemic, “MM Vol. 4” arrives: the fourth volume, whose sound is edited almost entirely by PK, is a darker, more introspective work, son of his time. Among the various collaborations, the one with Gemitaiz in the eighth chapter of the “Veleno” saga could not be missing. Madman’s 2022 summer lives retrace his career, leaving a lot of space for his MM4, an introspective, dark work, somehow the son of the pandemic and the long months of lockdown and disorientation.

Rancore, pseudonym of the Roman Tarek Iurcich, is an Italian rapper whose depth and originality of lyrics and sound have attracted wide acclaim from specialized critics, which has crowned him as one of the best rappers around.
He loves to define his music as “hermetic rap”. He has also participated twice in the Sanremo Festival. In 2019, despite not being counted among the singers in the competition, he joined the singer-songwriter Daniele Silvestri, with the song Argentovivo, ranked sixth but winning the Critics Award, the Lucio Dalla Press Room Award and the Sergio Bardotti Award for best text. This brings him greater notoriety in the national music scene. The following year, however, he participates again as a soloist by presenting the song “Eden” in collaboration with the producer Dardust, during the third evening, dedicated to the covers of songs that have marked the history of the festival, he performed accompanied by The Representative of List with the cover of “Luce (sunsets in the north east)” by Elisa, finishing in tenth position and winning the Sergio Bardotti award for the best text in the competition.
The latest album by Rancore, “Xenoverso”, is a long journey, a futuristic and science fiction concept conceived as a sort of Matrix that has come down to us from the future, a musical novel that describes a world that is the fruit of the artist’s imagination, but which has many points in contact with ours. A record that must be listened to and listened to again in order to be fully understood, but which is enjoyable from the beginning, as evidenced by his live shows.

Tuesday 16 August, Pala Live – Piazza Palio, Lecce.
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A possible lineup from Madman’s set

Chillin ‘
The thing
Just for me
Little finger
7/8 Sour
Poison 8
Like this like that
Freestyle wash
2P routine
Intro MM
Papal bull
Poison 6
Outside and Inside
Ok corral ft Nitro
Poison 7
Sky blue
We don’t talk about it
Mickey Rourke

A possible lineup of the set of Grudge

Dragon’s blood
Away 2036
X August 2048
Arakno 2100
I am not me
Funeral ignorance
Le rime (Race between 507 words)
Guards & Thieves
I like this thing that I wrote
This Planet

Gabrio Distratis

Madman and Rancore in Lecce