Lux Animal: the Spanish electric shooting brake arrives in 2024

The future one will be built in Alicante, Spain Lux Animal; we are talking about a 100% electric crossover with a very sporty design that aims to be on the market from 2024. Its particularly futuristic exterior and interior styling is combined with a powerful 240 horsepower electric motor and up to 600 kilometers of autonomy with a single recharge.

Spain has therefore also decided to enter the field of zero-emission cars. A new startup based in Alicante has developed a new model that intends enter the market in the first quarter of 2024; it’s an elegant crossover with a shooting brake look, the first in a range that should be considered more anyway electric vehicles coming in the next few years. The first creation is called Liux Animal.

Just look at its exterior design, which oozes avant-garde on all four sides, with refined headlamps and unique LED lamps integrated into the bumper, also highlighting a prominent spoiler on the lower bumper lip. Seen from the side, the Liux Animal has gentle overhangs and a very sporty silhouette, with a roof line that descends gently towards the rear, where the headlights are represented by a thin band of light that runs along the tailgate until it reaches part of the sides .

The Lux Animal will essentially be a cutting-edge electric crossover with a decidedly sporty look

The crossover has a particularly sporty style which is reinforced by the spoiler placed at the end of the panoramic roof and by the large alloy wheels used, while the exclusive touch is given by the retractable door handles, the rear ones which open against the wind. The Liux Animal doesn’t have a B-pillar, which greatly facilitates access to the highly technological cockpit and especially with regard to the rear seats. Two digital screens, one horizontal for the instrument panel and another larger one arranged in a vertical position which occupies the central console instead for a multimedia system with 5G technology and advanced Android operating system.

The advantages are several, since the rear electric motor delivers a maximum power of 190 horsepower in the first and 240 horsepower in the second, with top speeds limited to 180 and 200 km/h respectively. The unprecedented Spanish manufacturer will offer a battery made up of various modules for a capacity of 23 kWh (therefore Liux Animal will be able to have two or four) and a total capacity of 46 and 92 kWh with which it will offer a maximum range of 300 and 600 kilometres.

Lux EV

There will be at least four different versions for the future electric car made in Spain

Again, the minimum capacity is reserved for the basic version and the largest capacity for the more expensive variants. Liux has already opened the reservation books for this model, for which it is necessary to pay a deposit of 200 euros, refundable in case of cancellation. It will be proposed in two productions; Habitatwhich represents the basic variant, and the most equipped, powerful and sporty named wild. Prices for the future Liux Animal start at 39,900 euros (in Spain).

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Lux Animal: the Spanish electric shooting brake arrives in 2024