Low Cost Holidays: the 6 most beautiful and cheapest destinations in Europe

Do you want to reach some European destinations without spending a fortune? Here are the most beautiful destinations, the free activities and the costs to live in the right period, an unforgettable journey, which will cost you as much as a couple of dinners in a good Italian restaurant…

If you want to take advantage of one of the first useful weekends of the beginning of the year to fly to destinations Europeanwe can give you a special guide of Low Cost Holidays showing you where to go while saving on flights, travel and hotels and also considering which cities are where, for example, museums have free access. By taking a look at offers and the average cost of living, we managed to get this pretty good overview of the possible destinations to choose from to experience Europe without fearing going beyond your travel budget…

Sofia, Eat and Sleep at irresistible prices

sofia city

Have you ever thought, for example, of flying to discover the Bulgaria? Sofia, the country’s capital and largest city, is at the top of all suggestions for low-cost European destinations, as well as recommended by all experienced travelers, to be a wonder to be discovered, in countertrend with the most popular tourist destinations. A must see here, the Russian Church of St. Nicholaswith the 5 Golden Domes and interior decorations. There is also a lot of greenery in the city and just outside is the massif Vitosha, not far from the center. The average cost, to sleep in a 3-star structure here, is approx 25.00 euros per person; more or less the same average amount for eating is worth, except for the choice of some particular restaurant with respect to the culinary offer, where the average cost could even double. The interesting thing is the cost of the flightper person, which you could get even with a price between 100.00 and 150.00 euros per person, including round trip.

Krakow, An open-air museum of history and spirituality

city ​​Krakow

Also Krakow it’s often cited as one of Europe’s super-cheap destinations, and there’s nothing you’ll spare in terms of beauty here. The part economic, however it is super advantageous. Starting with the possibility of visiting the city; without spending a euro, you can see the Market Square and the neighborhood of Kazimierztake a walk along the river Vistula and get up to the hill of Wawelto meet the Royal Castle and the Cathedral. If you then want to eat delicious cuisine on a budget, you can go and look for the local specialties in the Jewish ghetto. But that’s not all, the super offers that you will find on your trip will already be in the cost, round trip, of the air flight: on average you will stay within 80.00 Euros. The cost of a 4-star hotel, on the other hand, for 2 nights, for 2 people, can also be found at around 160.00 Euros, total.

Bratislava, discover the beauties of the city without spending a Euro

Bratislava city

Let’s continue with another one Queen of low-cost travel, Bratislavawhere 2 adults, for 2 nights, in a fabulous hotel 5 starsthey can sleep even with a total budget of 80.00 Euros. On the other hand, the budget that you will have to allocate for the flight (round trip) to arrive in the capital of the Slovakia. What will you then see by staying here? The famous Blue Church of Santa Elisabetta (free access), for example, and the bridge over Danube, one of the few bridges over the river that recall a futuristic style. Space also for those who love nature, with the possibility of visiting one of 9 National Parks who will show you animal and non-animal species typical of the area. The external visit of the Grassalkovich palace – Presidential palace is also free.

Valletta, 300 days a year of sunshine to deceive the seasons

Malta Valletta

The flight here, a Vallettathe small capital of Malta, is truly a gift: 34.00 Euros round trip and an authentic open-air paradise, more than low cost, will open up for you travel. If you have never thought about visiting this small city, do it and plan your next trip; 2 adults, for 2 nights, can sleep in a delightful and central hotel, breakfast included, for less than 140.00 Euros. There are 300 days of sunshine a year here, and you can cheat the harsher seasons by flying to some of the beaches most beautiful in Europe which are, of course, free. The average cost to eat, per day, is approx 30.00 euros… are you already packing your suitcase right?

Valencia, the most beautiful Spain at the best prices

Valencia Spain

Round trip, a Valencia, with around 150.00 Euros for a flight and one of the best parts of Spain will be at your feet. From March onwards the weather is ideal for flying to Valencia, March is also a month where there is a low turnout tourist and therefore the prices become super advantageous. Do you think that in this period 2 adults for 2 nights can sleep with less than 150.00 Euros. If you are here on public holidays, you will be able to enjoy, in addition to the proverbial Spanish nightlife, also free entry to the Valencian Museum of illustration and modernity; also the Market from the Silk provides free admission on Sundays and public holidays, as well as the Torres de Quart and the Torres de Serranos. A fascinating, fun, rich and cheap trip… what more do you want?

Riga, Latvia For Valentine’s Day? Why not?

Row city

We fly in Latviato Linewhere a flight of 90.00 euros (round trip) will suffice to arrive and, for example, it will be enough for us to spend 4 nights here during the holidays Saint Valentine, just over 200.00 (2 adults, 4 nights in a 4-star hotel). You can visit here for free the Engine Museum or the House Of The Black Heads. It is an ideal and unconventional gift to propose a trip to a very romantic city not included in the tourist circuits, the cuisine is rich and varied and it will not cost you a fortune to offer an elegant dinner to your sweet half, maybe just for Valentine’s Day! Have you updated the map with periods and costs? So have a good trip (low cost)…

Low Cost Holidays: the 6 most beautiful and cheapest destinations in Europe