Leticia Ramírez, an enigma

Few appointments by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to top-level positions have been as unexpected as that of Leticia Ramirez Amaya on the Secretary of Public Education. His specialty is Attention to Citizenship, a position he held with the Tabasco politician at the head of the capital government and later with his successor, Marcelo Ebrard. Until yesterday, she served as director of the same area, in the General Coordination of Politics and Government that César Yáñez Centeno exercised, who became deputy campaign secretary of Adán Augusto López Hernández in the Ministry of the Interior.

She was a teacher in front of students for more than 10 years, but in the last three decades she has held positions in the structure of the capital and federal administrations (she was also an advisor to Tania Müller in the Environment Secretariat, with Miguel Ángel Mancera as governor), She held the Secretary of Organization of Preschool, Primary and Special Levels in the chilanga section 9 of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE-CNTE), and in the Party of the Democratic Revolution she was secretary of organization of the national committee, attentive to financing and operation of the Sol Azteca electoral brigades.

He participated in the Organization of the Revolutionary Left Line of Masses, one of the multiple factions of Maoism, according to Sergio Dunstan and Erick Juárez. It is worth reading, for context, The paths of Mexican Maoism through three characters: The teacher Adolfo Orive Bellinger, the leader Aquiles Córdova Morán (leader of Antorcha Campesina) and the empowered woman, Rosario Robles, article by Ricardo Mendoza. Just yesterday, the current leader of section 9 teachers, Pedro Hernández, said in an interview with Azucena Uresti that the new head of the SEP does not have academic or research garments on the subject. More than celebrating, it is “concerning such an appointment”, he pointed out.

Manuel Gil Antón, a professor at the Colegio de México and a specialist in educational matters, responded yesterday to an express question that having been a group teacher does not imply sufficient training to occupy the federal secretariat of Public Education. He set himself as a personal example: he has been teaching classes for decades and considered that this does not give him clothes to occupy the SEP; option that, otherwise, he does not seek.

Ramírez Amaya will be the third head of the SEP so far in the six-year term. The first was Esteban Moctezuma Barragán, who had been with Ernesto Zedillo, as well as Secretary of the Interior. She had been in the service of Ricardo Salinas Pliego, the main shareholder of the Azteca Group, as director of the Azteca Foundation, for three decades, when he joined the construction team, from where he granted benefits to his former business house.

Then Delfina Gómez arrived, a normal student who was also a school group teacher, but spent her time waiting to be nominated for the second time as a candidate to govern the State of Mexico. As can be seen, public education has not been a priority for the 2018-2024 presidential exercise. Its leadership was handed over to group projects and the new manager does not seem to have the strength or conditions to stop the strong futuristic bubbling in the SEP or the expansive predominance of an openly preferred sexennial current.

Splinters: As soon as Leticia Ramírez was appointed to the SEP, Elba Esther Gordillo appeared on the scene, raising the need for “dialogue”. The former chief of the SNTE made an alliance six years ago with Delfina Gómez… Adán Augusto had a response from the municipal president of Mexicali: the head of the Interior wanted to justify Montserrat Caballero (“sometimes nerves betray one and sometimes one does not explain what that one wants to imply,” said Augusto), after said mayor had called on organized crime to collect bills from those who owed them, not innocent civilians. “My nerves don’t betray me and my hand doesn’t tremble,” assured Caballero…, until tomorrow!

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Leticia Ramírez, an enigma