Kronos, the submarine with folding wings and the appearance of a spaceship capable of carrying mini

If you go down to very little detail, they resemble the modern submarine S-81 that the Spanish Navy has just released with the one designed by Issac Peral at the end of the 19th century. Both are submersible, true; but in terms of design, capacity and performance, their differences are significant. The logical thing after more than a century and a quarter of technological development. There is something, however, in which they do give an air: their basic structure, in the shape of an elongated and blunt bullet, just like a huge capsule.

Not all designs fit that guideline.

The company Highland Systemsbased in the United Arab Emirates, has designed a submarine that looks like anything but a submarine. infographics that shares the signature on its website are more similar to a spectacular spaceship inspired by the manta ray, a concept that we saw not long ago at the hands of DARPA, the US Defense Advanced Research Agency. His Manta Ray is just that: an autonomous submersible drone that mimics the sea creature.

Kronos, one step further

Now Highland System has wanted to go one step further with a full-fledged submarine proposal capable of carrying ten passengers and a pilot. The ship, baptized Kronosis much smaller than the S-81, but is striking for its appearance: diamond-shaped, with a structure very similar to that of stripes and two “wings” that can be folded for easy transport.

“With a futuristic hydrodynamic design, it offers high performance, extraordinary efficiency and significantly reduces energy costs when submerged”, explains the company.

When designing it, they also wanted it to be versatile and was used for “commercial, rescue and combat operations.” “It features an innovative hull design that reduces fuel consumption, increases top speed and provides superior stability.”




In terms of dimensions, Kronos measures just over nine meters long, almost 7.5 meters wide and 2.1 meters high. Its weight is also considerably lower than that of other models and it is light years away from titans such as the gigantic Russian Belgorod. The structure of the Highland Systems submersible allows it to weigh 10,000 kg with a load capacity of 3,000 in the water.

Its maximum speed once in the water is 80 kilometers per hour (km/h), mark that is lowered to 50 km/h when submerged. It can be lowered to a depth of up to 250 meters – the maximum critical mark – under control, although the working depth is 100.

Kronos can run on fuel or a hybrid system thanks to a electric motor. When combined the submersible offers a total autonomy of up to 54 hours.


Kronos Submarine 02

If you opt for the battery-only mode, the submarine operates a little less: 36 hours, the same time during which it guarantees the oxygen supply. When it comes to recharging the battery and replenishing air, the margin of both processes is also the same: around an hour and a half.

As a finishing touch, the interior offers an adaptive lighting system, automated life support and air conditioning. In case tomorrow it will be used for military purposes, it also incorporates – at least that’s what the graphics show – space to transport half a dozen mini torpedoes.

Waiting to know if one day we will be able to see it sailing along the coasts, we still have, for the moment, the awesome infographics and videos produced by the company and the workshop photos.

Images | Highland Systems

Kronos, the submarine with folding wings and the appearance of a spaceship capable of carrying mini-torpedoes