Users in Japan are privileged to have some exclusive games for Nintendo Switch. As it happened a few generations ago –a good example may be the franchise of Fire Emblema license with many titles released only in its country of origin -, the Japanese catalog of the hybrid has several experiences that did not reach the West. And, although the title of Shin Chan has , this is a rare case.

Thus, popular protest meant that Shin Chan: My summer with the professor – The endless week left Japan shortly after its release. However, as we have said, this is usually not the case. Consequentially, even in presentations such as Nintendo Direct you can see exclusive games of this region that do not appear in presentations from other countries.

For this reason, we wanted to make a compilation of Japan-exclusive games that we would like to see on Nintendo Switch. It presents several examples – some more discussed, some less – that users would like to see in their country. Indeed, perhaps if they make a lot of noise, as happened with the Shin Chan game, distributors might consider it.

The Japanese exclusive games for Nintendo Switch that we would like to see in the West

Dragon Quest X (Square Enix)

The truth: fans of the franchise couldn’t have made more noise. Despite this, Square Enix continues to ignore their requests and, to this day, nothing is known of a hypothetical exit outside of Japan that would sell like hot cakes. However, it seems that the fanfare is not enough for the company and, as well as confirming the release of the title for the Asian country, it has nothing to say about its release in the West.

Source: Nintendopolis

Yo-Kai Watch 4 (Level-5)

Another example of the fact that, sometimes, however much the community demands it, it cannot achieve anything. Although the fourth installment of the popular series debuted more than three years ago, Western gamers still have no news of the game. That is because of the bad conditions of Level-5 (projects adrift, layoffs of staff …) or lack of trust in the franchise outside of Japan, the fact is that they pass years and the title has not yet arrived. Pity.

Source: Nintendopolis

Metal Dogs (24 Frame, Inc.)

Metal Dogs is one of the most curious cases on this list. The title, far from Nintendo Switch, is available outside of Japan without too many problems. However, as for the hybrid version, it is only available in the Asian country . Unfortunately, those who want to enjoy its futuristic, action-packed dog premise won’t be able to do so until they decide to cross the ocean.

Source: The Gaming Zone

Tabe-O-Ja (Bandai Namco)

For Tabe-O-Jaas with many other titles on this list, we already gave you information at the time. However, despite the title being released in November 2020, Western users have no news of the title yet. The truth, given his art style and curious proposition, is that this situation is a real shame for both players and potential fans of an experience that has a lot to pull.

Source: Game Trailer – Mustache Gamer

Buddy Mission: Bond (Ruby Party)

A few months ago, users of the Nintendo Switch online service in Japan had the chance to access this game for free. Thanks to that, they had the opportunity to enjoy an adventure game that has been very popular with western audiences and that, almost two years later, he still has no intention of leaving Japan. If so, players will be able to enjoy an experience that is as personal as it is different.

Source: Nintendo Japan

Megaton Musashi (Level-5)

Another case similar to Yo-Kai Watch 4. Although Megaton Musashi are very popular in Japan, too confirming collaborations with Mazinger Z, it is currently unknown whether the title will ever leave Japan. Unfortunately, the current state of the company exceeds the desire of the fans. In the future, if things go well, who knows if this mecha franchise will dare to cross the ocean.

Source: Rio Gaming – Nintendo Switch

Loop8 (Marvelous)

Among the Japanese exclusive games for the Nintendo Switch, this is probably one of the most captivating. In it, the premise is to live a daily life without too many problems. However, even if it doesn’t seem flashy, the “sauce” of the game is in the game fighting against supernatural enemies. Given its aesthetic and premise, if it were to debut outside of Japan, it would certainly be a hit for fans of Marvelous’s other offerings (Senran Kagura, Rune Factory…).

Source: Nintendo Japan

Taiko Risshiden V DX (Koei)

Taiko Risshiden may not be a very popular franchise in the West. However, this particular tactical combat series is one of the most popular in Japan. On May 19, users from the Asian country were able to witness a new chapter of the series, with new adventures. However, outside of Japan, Nintendo Switch players are unlikely to get their hands on the game.

Source: Nintendo Japan

Konami eBaseball Powerfull Pro Baseball 2022 (Konami)

Baseball is maybe the most popular sport in Japan. For decades, the inhabitants of the Asian country have enjoyed the games of a sport that has brought the country to a standstill. It is therefore understandable that Konami’s new offering hasn’t left its home country, especially since in few other regions this sport is so popular. However, it’s a shame that such a fun title didn’t make it across the ocean.

What Japanese Nintendo Switch exclusive games would you like to see in the West? Do you know others that we have not listed? Os leemos en los comentarios.

Japan-exclusive Nintendo Switch games that should arrive in the West