Indochine 40 years at the Stade de France: an explosive and magical retro futuristic show!

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Indochine invested the Stade de France last night for the first date of its “Central Tour” postponed twice for the reasons we know. A dantesque show attended by more than 97,000 people – attendance record beaten – sold out. Back to a show of class and exceptional density.

8:30 p.m. The 97,000 fans wait patiently on the lawns and stands. In the middle of the stadium, a huge water tank, as you can see on New York skyscrapers, sits in the center of an 850 m2 platform, with two side projections entering the public. A gigantic 2,500 m2 spherical screen equipped with 1,400 LED panels will soon broadcast images from the show, interspersed with images of the public and videos of the group. The atmosphere is already palpable, electric and good-natured. On stage, Coach Party, an up-and-coming British rock band, provides the first part. Something heavy weight is floating in the air. At 9 p.m., the stadium gradually shuts down.

The giant screen broadcasts archive images from the past 40 years, from the election of François Mitterrand on May 10, 1981 to that of Emmanuel Macron with twice the face of Greta Thunberg, as a reminder of global warming which threatens us. A clamor invades the huge open-air arena. Dressed all in black, a padded breastplate over his T-shirt, Nicolas Sirkis, followed by his musicians, takes the stage under a still high sun. From “Our celebrations” title in which Indochine evokes his longevity and his victories despite the criticisms and doubts that have sometimes marked their career, the singer is in his element: the voice is sharp, the sound powerful. The elegant appearance, the flexible body, Nicolas Sirkis seems at ease but remains very concentrated. Evolving at the four corners of the central stage, the showman is an unparalleled entertainer. We are amazed to see him catch the 97,000 spectators in his net with such ease, such virtuosity. Whether behind a keyboard or an acoustic guitar, he sends us his songs sometimes like firebrands, sometimes like caresses. Immediately, the public follows, as if uplifted, carried by a wave of collective euphoria. Tonight, there is almost no downtime. In a roar of keyboards and swollen rock guitars, Indochine plays the titles “Station 13”, “Marylin”, without forgetting the hits of the past “Miss Paramount”, “Canary Bay”, “Your eyes black”, “7000 dances” . The leader of Indochina also takes advantage of this show to make it a platform. On several occasions, he pays tribute to caregivers, doctors, bakers, garbage collectors, but also to Ukrainians without forgetting the victims of school bullying through moving videos. Before attacking “Les czars”, the screen shows a false news where Laurent Delahousse announces an extreme temperature of… 53 degrees. A taste of the apocalypse that is coming to earth. From start to finish, the show is peppered with surprises.

First of all, there is this duet with Christine and the Queens on “3 SEX”. Galvanized by the public, the singer is full of energy, as if mounted on a spring, she gives her all. Another nice surprise for the fans of the first hour, the intervention of Dimitri Bodianski (sax) on Dizzidence politik. Arched behind his microphone stand, Nicolas Sirkis delivers his titles one after the other, flawlessly. Behind, the group plays in a sober and measured way, which gives the set this magical and timeless side. Because this futuristic retro show has one foot in the future with this impressive techno scenic device and the other in tradition with the arrival on stage of the Republican Guard on three titles: “I asked the moon”, ” Life is beautiful”, “Atomic Sky”. Another nice surprise, this astonishing duet with Philippe Jaroussky where the voice of the countertenor works wonders on “Collège boy”. Forty is something to celebrate. So the musicians make the pleasure last, by fiddling with special effects, plunging certain titles into an electro trance on “Flowers for Salinger”, “Kissing my song”, “Stef II”, “Drugstar”. If the general tone seems more peaceful, the group still explores the meanders of spleen with a sound canvas of a mixture of electro sounds as rich as they are subtle. From start to finish, right up to the final fireworks shot at the top of the tower (45m high!), the titles resonate like real heart-catchers. More than once, the giant screen distilling video images will show the faces of thousands of delighted spectators. Note that the light show tonight is particularly stunning, with a rare aesthetic. For almost 2h45, Indochine bewitched the Stade de France and gives us an appointment… in 2033. We note it.

Jean-Christophe Mary


Our celebrations

Station 13


Miss Paramount

Canary Bay

Punishment Park

The Czars


The kiss

Your black eyes

7000 dances

Riding the Wheat Fields

Assault (Shadows on the O)


(with Christine and the Queens)

Alice & June

A French summer

Three nights a week

Club Central

Flowers for Salinger / Kissing my song / Stef II / Drugstar

Dizzidence Politik

with Dimitri Bodianski and with Lou Sirkis his niece

Recall :

Our celebrations

Reminder 2:

I asked the moon

(With the Republican Guard)

Life is Beautiful

(With the Republican Guard)

Atomic Sky

(With the Republican Guard)

college boy

(with Philippe Jaroussky)

Recall :

the adventurer

Karma Girls

Indochine 40 years at the Stade de France: an explosive and magical retro futuristic show! – Whole culture