Inauguration of Uam: Macky praises Diamniadio’s science center

The new town of Diamniadio has been reinforced with an important element in its vocation as a scientific and intellectual center alongside its other functionalities. The Amadou Makhtar Mbow University, which was inaugurated there yesterday, is an element of the puzzle which comes to give more scope in the ambition to make the urban center of Diamniadio a futuristic city.

By Alioune Badara NDIAYE – A reinforcement to the brain of the city under construction of Diamniadio. The parable is made by President Macky Sall who considers the Amadou Makhtar Mbow University (Uam), which he inaugurated on Thursday, as one more step in his desire to make Diamniadio a model city. “The Uam indeed reinforces the “brain” of the new city of Diamniadio, by strengthening its intellectual and scientific pole, thus contributing to its vocation as a modern, multifunctional and inclusive city”, rejoiced President Sall. “This new university establishment, futuristic in its design and construction, is equipped, among other amenities, with various educational receptacles with 3,000 seats, a 1,500-seat amphitheater, a large library, laboratories and administrative blocks”, spoke to the President of the Republic for infrastructure, the 2nd public university in the Dakar region, which expands the map of higher education and offers new possibilities for welcoming and nurturing talent among students. To these, President Sall did not fail to send a message of perseverance and abnegation, urging them above all to make the godfather of their establishment a model. “I also wish that you measure the honor which is done to you to have like godfather, the patriarch Amadou Makhtar Mbow”, he said. “The quality of a university depends on its infrastructure and amenities; but what makes its durability and its reputation is above all the quality of the men and women who frequent it (…) Be quality learners”, he recommended. “I know what a student’s life is like, and I know a little about the state of mind of the campus: its moments of euphoria, doubt and questions. But the big lesson I learned most of all, believe me, is to never let myself be entertained in the work, “said Sall before continuing: “To claim is in the natural order of things for a student. . But do not be distracted in your studies. Do not give in to violence. All this leads to nothing, except to delay and deadlock.” He also reminded them that being a student is only an ephemeral passage in life which should open the way to other perspectives. “Especially since you are the next generation for tomorrow,” he galvanized them. Vibrant tribute was paid to the former Director General of Unesco who, in addition to his name, donated his library to the university. “With the patriarch Amadou Makhtar Mbow, an illustrious son of Senegal, this university could not find a better sponsor,” Macky Sall asserted. Part of the university was delivered on time thanks to the professionalism of Summa International, which the Senegalese President warmly congratulated. “The other part will be completed in the years to come,” said Macky Sall, having recalled, on occasion, the construction of the Ussein in Kaolack and the Iba Der Thiam University in Thiès as milestones in his desire to to expand the country’s academic cartography.

Make students benefit from the ecosystem of the Urban Pole
The President of the Republic wishes, in the dynamics, that the students of the public establishments benefit from the proximity with the installations to better perfect themselves. “I urge the government to ensure that the Uam and Isep of Diamniadio can benefit from the scientific, technological and professional ecosystem of the urban center of the city”, insisted Sall. These are the park of digital technologies, the future vaccinopole of the Institut Pasteur, the Iressef du Ter, the supercomputer and others. “I hope that all these structures and others installed here, build, according to methods to be agreed, partnerships for the sharing of experiences, training and practical internships, in order to enhance the potential of students and promote their employability. and their inclusion,” he said.

Inauguration of Uam: Macky praises Diamniadio’s science center – Lequotidien – Journal d’information Générale