If you want good sound, original design and comfort for less than 40 euros, the realme Buds Air 3 Neo headphones are what you are looking for

Little by little, realme continues to evolve in all areas beyond mobile devices, all due to its efforts to further shape its 1+5+T strategy, which focuses on bolstering its AoT device portfolio and give many more options to users.

A few days ago, the Chinese company presented the Watch 3 and the Buds Air 3 Neo —smartwatch and True Wireless headphones, respectively— with a good handful of features that improve a lot compared to the previous generation.

Regarding the watch, the truth is that I liked it a lot and, since it really does not stitch without thread, it also He gave me the Buds Air 3 Neo to put them to the test.

If you are looking for cheap and very complete True Wireless headphones, the realme Buds Q2s are one of the best options you currently have

Really they do not have a direct predecessor with this nomenclature Neo, but it is clear that it is an evolution of the already fantastic Buds Air 2 but, above all, of the attractive and very competent Buds Air 3.

Your main points of interest? Very attractive design, fabulous autonomy, the incorporation of Dolby Atmos and, especially, your starting price: €39.99.

Are they worth it? Read on to find out my opinion of the realme Buds Air 3 Neo.

Very comfortable, light and with a charging case that oozes personality thanks to that semi-transparent lid.

The realme Buds Air 3 Neo have a design that exudes personality both in the form of headphones and, above all, by the bold and characteristic semi-transparent look from its charging case.

It’s time to start from the outside in.

The case opts for an oval and flat appearance in white -it is also in dark blue, more elegant- that weighs nothing and fits anywhere. Of course, where it stands out is in that semi-transparent cover that allows you to glimpse the headphones and give it a futuristic and modern look.

As far as the headphones are concerned, they follow that color line, except for the metallic tone of the rectangular outer part Pointed finish that gives it much more presence.

And as for comfort? Light, light and perfect to wear them all day without problems. In addition, in the box there are several tips to fit all types of ears and do not move when you make sudden movements.

A curious point to note is that they do not have an icon to show which is the left or the right —or at least I have not seen it—. It’s silly when you have them in the box, since obviously its placement responds to the ear in which each one goesbut if you leave them on a table without putting them in the case can cause some confusion.

Very good sound quality for its price, which also incorporates Dolby Atmos into the equation.

realme Buds Air 3 Neo

When it comes to sound, the realme Buds Air 3 Neo comes with a 10mm driver with an independent chamber for bass. they have a very good punch.

Everything sounds crisp and clear and the truth is that the bass is quite defined. If you’re not convinced, the app lets you tinker with some parameters, as well as activate the Bass Boost+ that gives a little more strength to the sound scene.

The best, without a doubt, is the integration of Dolby Atmos that raises the level when you have it activated a lot and it is surprising to see it in this price range.

Of course, the headphones are not compatible with LDAC, LHDC and other high-quality codecs and only stay in AAC and SBC, but I did not expect more seeing, again, the 40 euros they cost.

For the gamers there is also good news, since incorporates a game mode that offers a latency of 88 msso the sound will arrive practically at the moment you execute an action, as well as IPX5 certificationso it defends itself perfectly against sweat or rain.

It has noise cancellation so calls are crisp and clear, but it doesn’t have ANC for everything else.

realme Buds Air 3 Neo

They have also focused on the quality of the calls and the truth is that it shows.

The headphones keep ENC technology inside, a noise cancellation algorithm for callswhich manages to isolate outside noise quite well so that the receiver can hear you and which also meets the volume and tone of the voices you receive through the device.

The only catch is that ditch noise cancellation for everything else, but it is also true that seeing the sound quality and the incorporation of Dolby Atmos you still do not miss it so much.

Useful and easy-to-use application to which it adds a very good user experience (although it is necessary to polish a couple of software things).

realme Buds Air 3 Neo

As for the headphone setup, I can only applaud the realme Link integration (iOS, Android) with Google’s operating system, since once you open the app and the cover of the case appear automatically.

Otherwise, It is a fairly intuitive app from where you can activate the Dolby Atmos, configure your own sound experience with an equalizer, as well as edit the touch controls of the headphones, frankly complete and adaptable.

Of course, in his answer he has not completely convinced me, since has a slight delay that confuses.

A quick example: you double-tap to pause the music and after a second it makes a light click, as if it has accepted your command, and stops the playback. Occasionally it takes longer than it should and in many cases I have seen myself giving it from time to time and what you imagine has happened: pause, play, pause, play.

Luckily it’s something can be polished with a software update and if not, once you get used to it, it’s not that annoying either.

Prodigious autonomy capable of holding you all day and that adds about 30 extra hours in the charging case.

realme Buds Air 3 Neo

As for autonomy, I couldn’t be more satisfied.

The company promised 7 hours of playback in the headphones and not only does it comply, but depending on the day it has offered me something else. If you want headphones for your day and you forget the case, with a load gives to spare.

Also, the case provides 30 extra hours and it has a fast charge capable of giving an extra 2 hours in just 10 minutes. A coffee or a break and ready to return to action, let’s go.

The realme Buds Air Neo 3 are very competent True Wireless headphones that stand out, above all, in terms of comfort, battery, sound quality and that are thrown at the price.

realme Buds Air 3 Neo

The realme Buds Air 3 Neo have convinced me a lot.

They have a very good sound quality, to which is added the integration of Dolby Atmos that contributes a lot to the sound scene, a monster battery and a very attractive design and, above all, really comfortable.

I have lacked a little more polish in terms of software or even some kind of noise cancellation – the Buds Air 3 have a very good ANC and cost 20 euros more – but the truth is that for 40 euros they offer a truly rewarding experience.

If you want good sound, original design and comfort for less than 40 euros, the realme Buds Air 3 Neo headphones are what you are looking for