Hyundai Staria Lounge Camper: a fitted van with a futuristic look for South Korea


With its futuristic look, the Hyundai Staria looks like a UFO in the world of vans which, it is true, tend to look alike. From now on, Hyundai is offering it in a fitted van, like the Volkswagen California and Mercedes Marco Polo.

Camper vans are on the rise. More and more manufacturers are getting into this niche, but if we exclude the Volkswagen California, which can be configured with a retro style, it must be recognized that most models are visually similar.

In this monotonous landscape, the style of the new Hyundai Staria Lounge Camper stands out. Based on the futuristic-style van Staria, marketed since 2021 in certain European markets, but not in France, this fitted version is currently reserved for South Korea.

More specifically, two fitted versions are presented. The Camper 11 has 11 seats, with a fairly spartan layout like a Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon, when the Camper 4 offers a more advanced layout comparable to that of a “real” Marco Polo, but for four passengers uniquely.

The Hyundai Staria Lounge Camper benefits from an electrically forward-raising roof, incorporating a sleeping area, as well as an exterior blind. Small originality, a sliding table can unfold from the back of the van.

Hyundai Staria Lounge Camper

The 11-person version has four rows of flat-folding seats, in order to unfold a very large inflatable mattress, in addition to the mezzanine sleeping area.

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Hyundai Staria Lounge Camper 11 © Hyundai

The four-seater version, whose sleeping space on the ground floor is narrower, benefits from a more advanced layout, integrating a kitchen area in the center of the van with a 36-litre refrigerator, a fold-out interior table , additional storage or even a mosquito net. A 12.1” touch screen allows you to control certain functions. This version has an external electricity and water supply, in order to operate the shower in particular.

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Hyundai Staria Lounge Camper 4 © Hyundai

Under its hood, there is a 2.2 l CRDi diesel of 175 hp and 430 Nm, associated with transmission to the front wheels via an eight-speed automatic gearbox. It is also possible to opt for an optional all-wheel drive. In South Korea, the Hyundai Staria Lounge Camper retails from the equivalent of around €37,000 for the 11-seat version. It is necessary to count the equivalent of more than 51,000 € at least to afford the four-seater version.

Unfortunately, if a marketing of the Hyundai Staria in France is in principle uncertain, its fitted version has even less chance of making its way to our countries.

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Hyundai Staria Lounge Camper: a fitted van with a futuristic look for South Korea