Hymer markets its Venture S, the van of the future

After presenting a prototype, the Vision Venture, in 2019, the German group has just announced the release of a new generation motorhome on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. This innovative van offers a unique design and an original layout.

The Hymer group is creating a surprise a few days before the opening of the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf by announcing the market launch of the Venture S, an innovative van. The manufacturer had amazed visitors to the same show in 2019 with its concept car, the Vision Venture, which is now becoming reality.

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A young and futuristic look

This Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-based vehicle surprises first with its exterior design. This all-terrain for two people imposes, despite its compactness (6.46 m) and its narrowness (2.16 m). The colors and the flocking give it a young and futuristic look. Stone Gray and Sea Blue Metallic adorn both the body and cabin and are complemented by honeycomb graphics.

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An inflatable pop-up roof

The pop-up roof is also noticeable from the outside. Its pneumatic canvas inflates in less than three minutes. It is reminiscent of the “whale’s mouth” of the Bürstner Lyseo Gallery. Above all, it has the advantage of protecting against noise, light and temperature variations. This pop-up roof offers a large sleeping area accessible by an integrated staircase.

New generation of motorhome

“With the Venture S, we have reinvented motorhome life while drawing inspiration from the needs and ideas of the vanlifer community, said Christian Bauer, President of the Hymer Group. The result is a completely new generation of motorhomes that we are now launching on the market after a short development phase.”

180 degree panoramic view

This van with its original layout is also full of innovations in the living space. In the rear part, the highlight is in the glass Infinity screen that surrounds the seating area and offers a 180-degree panoramic view while bringing plenty of light to the interior. Between two face-to-face benches, the solid bamboo table can easily be folded up and stored. In good weather, the open tailgate gives even more space by providing a yacht-style sundeck.

Innovative materials

The Venture S also has a fully equipped modern kitchenette. There are innovative materials. The metallic surface of the worktop and the end of the credenza in white tiles adds an elegant touch.

Modular bathroom

Opposite, the modular bathroom turns into a large bathroom with a shower on the floor. The imitation slate walls give pleasant sensations to the touch and offer a beautiful finish close to natural stone.

An over-equipped van

This very complete vehicle includes numerous additional equipment and accessories and in particular on-board connectivity. Thanks to the three 115 watt solar panels and the integrated lithium batteries, this motorhome has a range of ten days.

The Venture S is available to order now for €225,000 (announced price in Germany).

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