Hot Song monitorLATINO November 8, 2022

Today is the day to let you know which are the songs that lead our Hot Songs in 19 Latin American countries.

The data corresponds to the week from October 31 to November 7, 2022.

Hot Song Mexico / USA

“A little bit of yours” – Untouchable

Intocable premieres another single from their upcoming album. A song written by Carlos Preciado and Ricardo Muñoz. Its tex-mex style is mixed with a pop sound to speak of the affection that remains in the hearts of those who once loved each other.

Hot Song Dominican Republic

“My little girl” – Elvis Martinez

“El Jefe” of bachata has released a new album titled my little girl, produced by himself and Robinson Hernández. The theme that places in the first place of our Hot Song is the one with the same name, a song of pure love.

Hot Song Colombia / Paraguay

“Hey mor” – Ozuna ft. pheid

Once again two talents from Colombia and Puerto Rico come together and the result is, as always, very good. Two talents that this year have stood out in an impressive way thanks to top-level collaborations. The single is part of the album Ozotuchifrom Ozuna.

Hot Song Guatemala

“Lifeguard” – TIMØ ft. bacilli

The members of TIMØ admired Bacilos, so they were asked to compose together. From there came “Salvavidas”, an urban pop song that talks about people who break your heart and only use you when they feel bad.

Hot Song Ecuador

“Let’s fall in love again” – Fonseca

The Colombian singer-songwriter once again brings us his pop soaked in Caribbean rhythms. This song is part of his album Travelerwhich in Colombia has already been certified as Gold and in Ecuador heads our Hot Song.

Hot Song Venezuela

“Every time I drink” – Sarodj

Bachata goes very well with reggaeton, and not only when Manuel Turizo does it. Now the Haitian Sarodj gives us one more sample, with a much more accelerated rhythm. The composition is his and Draco Deville’s.

Hot Song Chili

“Bebo” – Romeo Santos

Romeo Santos remains the greatest exponent of bachata and now he gives us a heartbreaking single. A theme of heartbreak that he does not lose, as is typical of his genre, his danceable quality. One more example of your Formula Vol 3.

Hot Song Argentina

“Music for a Sushi Restaurant” – Harry Styles

The video for Harry Styles’ latest single premiered 12 days ago and already has 14 million views. A phenomenon Harry’s Housethe album of which “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” is the first track and the second single, after “As it was”.

Hot Song Panama

“Simply the best” – The Black Eyed Peas, Anitta, El Alfa

Alone or with his fellow members of The Black Eyed Peas, continues to explore Latin music. This time, together with Anitta, he presents a single very much in his traditional style, in which El Alfa comes to provide the rhymes.

Hot Song Uruguay

“Ecstasy” – Manuel Turizo ft. Mary Becerra

Turizo says that this is one of his favorite songs from his next record production, entitled 2000. A romantic urban song, which establishes a conversation with Maria Becerra about a relationship that has its difficult moments, but endures despite everything.

Hot Song Peru / Costa Rica

“Monotony” – Shakira ft. Ozuna

Shakira manages to remain in trend in Peru and Costa Rica, where her collaboration with Ozuna tops our Hot Songs. The song started very strong, we will have to see if she manages to reach our Top 20 in these countries. For now, the corresponding video already has 91 million views on YouTube.

Hot Song bolivia

“Get out alive” – Morat ft. pheid

Morat is still preparing the release of his next album, which seems to be loaded with collaborations. For now, they recently presented this single alongside Feid, one of the urban artists who are making their mark in 2022.

Hot Song The Savior

“Cuff it” – Beyonce

The seventh album of the North American singer, renaissance, keep releasing singles. This time it’s “Cuff it”, a very danceable R&B song that confirms Beyonce as the star that she is.

Hot Song Honduras

“June” – Maluma

Maluma presented an extremely pop single, but without forgetting to rap at some point, making it clear that he does not forget his urban style. A song produced by Édgar Barrera, Luis Miguel Gómez, Lenin Yorney Palacios and Kevyn Cruz.

Hot Song Nicaragua

“Despecha” – Rosalía

Rosalía does not leave our listings. This week she clings to the first place of our Hot Song in Nicaragua, where summer is still felt in the voice of this Spanish woman who understands this continent like few others.

Hot Song Puerto Rico

“Punto 40” – Rauw Alejandro ft. Baby Rasta

Rauw Alejandro hugs Baby Rasta and together they project themselves into the future in this single from their album Saturn, which is about to hit the market. A futuristic urban that shows its desire to do something different.

Hot Song Christian

“You will become greener” – Chanel Nova ft. nimsy lopez

Sometimes some themes need a while to shine. This is the case of “Reverdecerás”, which Chanel Nova and Nimsy Lopez premiered 6 months ago. A theme of hope in which the voices of the two singers stand out.

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