HiPhi X, a new Chinese who aims at Europe and criticizes other Chinese

Human Horizons (HH) is a new Chinese brand which, with its unique model HiPhi X, intends to arrive in Europe in 2023, together with Zeekr, NioXpeng and the many other brands that form the ever-increasing Chinese expansion.

HiPhi X was launched in China in May 2021 with a price starting from 500,000 yuan, about €70,000and in a short time it sold more than Porsche Taycan, Audi e-tron And BMW iX. Its current European CEO is Norwegian Kjell-Arne Woldwith experience in Audi and especially in Teslawhere he worked for 7 years, and which he now feels like criticizing, announcing in a recent interview which is not going to do as Elon Musk.

HiPhi X against all

Europe is the first market outside China to be targeted by HiPhi X, on the strength of its success at home. Kjell, who describes himself as a car enthusiast and has stated that driving a V10 petrol car today “it’s as fun as it is to ride the dinosaurs“, has not spared itself in more or less constructive criticism for the other brands, starting with the Chinese competition.

Referring to brands such as BYDNio, Xpeng, Ways And HongqiKjell said his company first wants to understand and respect European diversity, differentiating markets.

HiPhi X

According to him, the others have too high expectations in too short a time, while his experience in Tesla, but it would be enough to dwell on the history of Hyundai and Kiateaches him that building a brand and its reputation takes a long time, so it’s important to position yourself clearly right from the start without focusing too much on volumes.

In fact, the others arrive in Europe and expect to obtain the large volumes that those who arrived before them did especially in Norway, and if on the one hand it happens, it should be seen as something temporary. That is, one should not expect to become the market leader in one country over the next two or three years.

HiPhi X

But Kjell also has some for Tesla, because he said he doesn’t want it to be too long before the other models arrive. While having respect for Elon Musk, his “wonderful mentor” for several years, the Norwegian manager says it is wiser not to promise anything, if the times are biblical, and to present something unexpectedly, simply by saying “Hey, here’s the car!“. A clear reference to the delays of Tesla Cybertruck And Seeds.

An “eccentric” car

HiPhi X is undoubtedly an eccentric electric, with a more flashy and strange design than all the other cars. It’s a true statement of intent, a car aimed at enthusiasts who love to drive and who appreciate luxury: in the words of its CEO, Human Horizons called it “boring” all the tall cars, starting from the German ones.

HiPhi X

The design is futuristic, with mirror opening doors, windows that can also be opened on the roof and an additional 6-seater layout to the basic 4-seater. It has a 97 kWh battery that promises a range of 550 km on the Chinese NEDC cycle, and 0-100 km acceleration in 3.9 seconds, given by the total power of 536 HP of the two electric motors. But beware of the impressive weight of 2.5 tons.

HiPhi X

It also enjoys LED matrix headlights, 4-wheel steering and 562 sensorsand it is the first car to be produced with 5G-V2X communication network.

The first two European countries that will know it are Norway and Germany. Followed by the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Italy, at the moment, does not seem to be in the sights of the Chinese manufacturer born in 2017.


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HiPhi X, a new Chinese who aims at Europe and criticizes other Chinese