Here comes the Verge TS Ultra, electric racing car

Above average performance for the new Ultra version of the futuristic Verge TS. With the unprecedented motor integrated into the rear wheel rim, this electric motorbike promises superlative numbers in terms of power and autonomy. But it costs a lot.

That Finnish Verge TS be one revolutionary electric motorcycle in content we’ve known this for a few years nowprecisely since it first appeared in the concept version in 2019. With that unprecedented rear wheel, without hub and spokes, in which the engine is integrated.

Today, that same avant-garde motorcycle – which in the meantime, thanks to its very particular design, has won the prestigious Red Dot Awards 2021 – returns to being talked about. In a bombastic way once again.

The Verge TS Ultra on display at CES in Las Vegas

Verge TS, an Ultra bike in everything

Its recent arrival on the American market (it can already be ordered in Europe) coincided with the launch of a powerful new versionexhibited on display at CES extension of Vegas a few days ago. The name is quite emblematic, Verge TS Ultrato underline technical specifications taken even more to the extreme compared to the two TS and TS Pro models which are already superlative in terms of performance.

In its new guise, the muscle cruisers in fact, the Finnish adopts an engine capable of delivering a power of 150 kW (more than 200 hp) and a maximum torque declared even of 1200Nm! And that’s not all: to this must be added the top speed that exceeds i 200 km/h and the searing acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h of just 2”5.

The huge battery from the ability to 20.2 kWhalso seems to be able to get up to 375km of autonomy with a single charge, in a city environment.
Recharge to 80% which, moreover, in CC fast mode, is guaranteed in just 25 minutes.

Superlative power, with 1200 of maximum torque!

Engine “inside” the wheel, for a functional design

On paper, these are superlative numbers. Especially for a motorcycle that is not quite very light by almost 250kg. This gives us the dimension of how much Verge has raised the bar of its goals, which are basically in line with the message of challenge that theFinnish company launched by debuting in the electric motorcycle market: challenging traditional design principles and conventional ways of thinking.

And so it is trying to do, proposing three versions of the TS, one more powerful than the other, united by a futuristic sports design and unique technical solutions.
The glance of the “empty” rear wheel remains the strong point. An aesthetically original but above all functional innovation. The wheel becomes, in fact, the engine itselfwhich thus integrated into the rim transfers all of its power directly onto the road.

By eliminating the contribution of spokes, hub and all the mechanical parts of the transmission, no longer necessary, it also gains maintenance, almost nothing. Furthermore, this solution frees up more space in the center of the bike for the large battery pack, balancing the battery downwards weight distribution.

The wheel that “becomes” an engine

Innovation is expensive: up to 55,778 euros for the top version

Level aesthetic the latest arrival, TS Ultra, differs from the less powerful versions (so to speak…) only for the mask on the front, which is larger, and the shape of the tail. Otherwise the massive structure is the same, as is the cyclingwhich provides for a choice during the purchase phase between Wilbers or Öhlins suspensions.
Also present in this model four driving modes different.

Finally, the positioning of the display touch screen, which is integrated into the top of the dummy tank. On it, thanks to the intuitive softwareyou have access to all motorcycle data.

The display embedded in the bike

Being a one-of-a-kind handcrafted product – perhaps more suitable for passionate collectors than ordinary bikers – the Verge TS costs money. It’s a lot.

The basic model (80 kW) starts from 33,818 euros; the TS Pro (102 kW) rises to 37,478; for theUltra they even want some 55,778. Basically a Tesla Model 3…
As partial consolation, this latest version has a wider choice of colors and finishes.

Production started last November, the deliveries all are expected within the year. For those who can afford it.

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Here comes the Verge TS Ultra, electric racing car – Vaielettrico