Here are the ten most anticipated electric cars of 2023, from the new Rolls Royce to the Jeep Avenger

A 2023 of great launches for many brands in the automotive sector. These include Jeep, Rolls Royce and Opel. From January, as many as 10 battery-electric models will enter the market which it is hoped will be able to continue to fuel sales, as they did after the lean period of the covid. Prices range from 40,000 to 350,000 euros

un 2023 of new releases. The launch of 10 new battery electric car models is planned for next year. After the black period of the covidBEVs have kept the car market afloat, especially hybrids and battery-powered ones. A signal for companies that have already chosen to launch new proposals for green vehicles, appearing to be increasingly convinced of the feasibility of a market conversion within the next few decades. Among the expected models the new electric Hyundai Kona, which is scheduled for release next summer. The starting price? 40 thousand euros. It is a 4.36-metre Kona which will have endothermic variants, on which the company seems to focus less.

uAnother car that has many expectations poured into it is the Jeep Avenger, a small SUV, in great demand on the market, which will have a range of around 400km in electric mode. This model will inaugurate the launch of a line that will later also be expanded with an off-road version. The first edition can already be ordered at the price of 39,500 euros and will be on sale from February.

TO June there will be the launch of the Lotus Electre, first model with high wheels of the English brand. Four-wheel drive and two engines of different power, 612 and 916 hp, with a range of 600km. The choice of high wheels has attracted criticism from fans of the brand, but it is clear that Lotus is undergoing major changes. In fact, this will be the first car produced outside the UK, in China, the birthplace of Geely, the new owner. Starting price? 100 thousand eurosfor a car 510 cm long and equipped with two pieces of luggage.

TO May will come the Mercedes EQE SUV, a 291-hp, high-wheel rear-wheel drive model. Autonomy of 590 km, the Mercedes is 486 cm long and has a trunk with a maximum capacity of 1675 litres, very spacious. The starting price is 90 thousand euros, and will have three internal screens among the various options. The 100kWh battery will also be guaranteed for 10 years or 250,000 km.

It’s the turn of the MG Cyberster, a battery-powered spider with a futuristic design. Two versions can be purchased, one with rear-wheel drive, as is typical for models equipped with these features, and a 4×4 to which a second front engine will be added. 400hp, canvas roof and probably the doors will open upwards. Basic price 44 thousand euros. The appointment is set for next October.

cWe then move on to a city car available from February 2023. It is the New Abarath 500e which will debut in Europe this winter, although it will only be available for purchase from June. The starting price is 43 thousand euros and the brand guarantees a complete renewal compared to the previous versions widely criticized by fans. We just have to see if they will keep their promise.

TOAnother car not to be missedthe new Opel Astra-e, also in family version or Sport Tourer. Stellantis and Opel jointly offer these electric cars, aesthetically identical to internal combustion engines, except for the 18-inch wheels with a specific finish. But the engine really makes the difference. 156 hp and 270 Nm torque, fully electric. On sale this fall starting from 48 thousand euros.

Stthe luxury (and price) halls and one cannot fail to mention the eagerly awaited Rolls-Royce Spectre, the first battery-powered model from Rolls-Royce. A novelty for the British brand of the BMW group. It will be launched at the end of next year and will be a 518hp coupe. Starry sky with LEDs inside and two digital screens, 545 cm long and 208 wide. Cost? Well 350 thousand euros.

Stand instead you want a car that is smaller in size and price, you can opt for the Smart #1, a five-door model with high wheels, therefore no longer supermini but with compact dimensions. 427 cm long and equipped with a rear-mounted battery for rear-wheel drive. 272 HP of power, fully electric. Alternatively, the buyer can think of the 428 HP Brabus version. Base price? 40,650 euros and the wait won’t be long, since the market launch is already scheduled for January.

TOwe come to the latest modelthe Chery Omoda 5, with an elegant and sinuous design, based on that of the Asian giant’s medium-sized SUV. Accredited length of 440 cm and a 204 hp powertrain electric motor based on a 64 kWh battery with a range of over 450 km. It will arrive with the spring for a list price of approx 40 thousand euros, obviously for the basic version.

Here are the ten most anticipated electric cars of 2023, from the new Rolls Royce to the Jeep Avenger – MOW –