Goodbye cowboy, these are the tall boots of fall 2022

As sad as it may give you to think about it, the end of summer is getting closer every day and the international fashion calendar does not let us overlook this. The copenhagen fashion week It is one of the first to be held.

The pleasant climate that is enjoyed in this city allows all the insiders, influencers and connoisseurs of the trends that attend the most anticipated fashion event of the summer, deploy your imagination to combine the garments that you have worn in the hot months with the accessories that will wear all autumn turning the street style in a maelstrom of trends starring the mix&match.

That’s how we’ve seen these girls carry One of the most controversial trends always: high boots in summer. And this time the surprise is that we will not see no designs cowboy.


These are the Spanish cowboy boots that you will wear even in summer

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Louis Vuitton made us fall in love with its sequin boot design, since then we have dreamed that these would jump to the street style to confirm the trend that tall, wide-leg, futuristic-style boots are all we want to wear no matter what the weather. It was only necessary to wait for the first fashion week of the season for this to happen.

The maxim with which high boots have been combined are very short garments, from shorts, Bermuda shorts or mini skirts, to shirts oversized masculine cut that give a sensual appearance at the same time relaxed.

Copenhagen str S23 0250

As much as some raise their hands to their heads when thinking about wearing this type of boot with the temperatures we have during the summer in Spain, it is more than understandable that the prescribers are encouraged to wear them where the climate is much milder becoming in the envy of all for enjoy future trends before anyone else.

Copenhagen str S23 0094

Copenhagen has shown that it is capable of setting the pace of international trends seasons ago thanks to its young brands that are committed to diversity and sustainability that make room for designs that are a breath of fresh air for fashion. This is why putting our eyes with special attention on those attending the parades of said event guarantees us to define the trends for the coming months. The Danes have spoken and the decision is unanimous: in the fall of 2022 you will wear futuristic high boots and you will do it from now on because once you discover how good they are, you will not resist.

Now all celebrities wear high boots in summer with short women's jeans


Now all celebrities wear high boots in summer with short women’s jeans

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Copenhagen str S23 0182
  • In suede, and square heel, with a chink of the much-loved boots cowboy that accompanied us summers ago but with a more minimalist finish. Combine them with serious garments, such as the jacket oversized or white office shirts is synonymous with getting it right.
Copenhagen str S23 0212
  • Sensuality sometimes goes through betting exclusively on a well-matched garment. A shirt boyfriend as a dress in one of the colors of the season such as chroma green and optic white boots, it is the most futuristic and suggestive version
Copenhagen str S23 0066
  • If your style runs away from color, opt for a look bicolor in which you combine the black of the boots in its patent version with a brown outfit will be your best way to get closer to the trend

Whatever your personality, don’t let controversial comments about this trend keep you from being the most stylish. Of course, it is better to wait for the temperatures to drop a couple of degrees, because to show off, you do not always have to suffer.

Goodbye cowboy, these are the tall boots of fall 2022