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The best social posts from football accounts.

Now we are no longer limited to 90 minutes on the pitch: football entertainment is 24/7, in the pockets, on the screens, in the ears. And the clubs respond to the needs of the fans: the quality of club management on social media has grown exponentially. Funny, ironic, edgy, but also full of meaning beyond the simple smile to tear.

Our GOAL team around the world interacts with active clubs on social networks and wants to highlight their genius: from South America to Europe, from Asia to Australia.

GOAL Social Superstars 2022 really wants to go in this direction: collect the posts of Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more. Those we share with friends, with other enthusiasts. Now also with our network. Each month we will propose a list of 5 candidates, to be voted: from there the winner will be elected.

And these are the top 5 …


Who has never seen or never heard of the famous Netflix series? Demons, mysteries, 80s nostalgia mix in ‘Stranger Things’. And the Flamengo borrowed the source and graphics from the series to announce the arrival of Arturo Vidal.

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Because the mash-ups between football and culture are commonplace in chats between friends, but here it is different: it is a club that does it. And the parallelism with the alternate reality of the Netflix series is all there. Instead of Kate Bush’s theme song, which was a hit in the 1980s, the club’s anthem is heard. And Vidal emerges with its new colors from a somewhat antique grandfather clock. Quirky, kitschy, but so much better than a photo of a handshake. Take a leaf!


Getting promoted from Champioship to the Premier League is difficult. To be promoted from the Championship to the Premier League and to be relegated immediately I took scoppole everywhere is even worse. But Watford on TikTok has found a way to play and joke about being a “yo-yo” club that often goes up and down.


press F to pay respects 🫡

♬ Brujeria – ✿


Some clubs may have a super media team producing videos that make studios jealous, while others are inventive. 8 seconds long video, but it says it all: a bit of mild salsa in the background and the image of Sarr dejected with the caption “the face of someone who has just been demoted”. But then, after the sadness… the positive side! And here is always the same Sarr dancing in front of a green screen. And the words “win more games next season” and a happy face. There is genius: he summarizes all the feelings of football in 10 seconds. And then the caption “press F to show respect”. A meme in the meme!


For the Liniers barium club in Buenos Aires, the purchase of Diego Godin was of the highest profile. And he had to be presented with a very high profile character: and echoed by Bizarrap, star of South American music. While he is at his desk playing his new song, a phone call comes in and stops everything: “Is it coming? Confirmed? I’m going crazy! “.


After winning the Libertadores Cup in 1994, Velez beat European champions AC Milan in the Intercontinental Cup in Japan. But I’m not a powerhouse in South American football, despite that famous success. And having a fan like Bizarrap to highlight the purchase of one of the best defenders of the last 15 years is not bad advertising.


For years, Roma have been using transfer market announcements for a very noble cause: on the one hand you can see the new player smiling with the new shirt, as in the case of Dybala, and on the other, the photographs of children who have disappeared throughout the world. A contrast that communicates a very powerful message.


The Missing Child campaign started in 2019 at the behest of Chief Strategy Officer Paul Rogers. The Giallorossi club has already contributed to the discovery of 12 children with their ads. And last year Eldor Shomurodov wanted to highlight this aspect: “it is difficult to explain happiness for having helped to find a child”. The video of him helped find a Polish girl. Demonstrating how powerful football is and how it can change lives.


3D tigers walking in circles around what appears to be a palace near the Pyramids of Giza? A bit ancient and a bit modern, strange for sure, of a television set on which the highlights of a match are broadcast? And then deep down you hear a “This is the future” taking us to the center of a stadium. Here, Al-Ittihad announced the arrival in Saudi Arabia of the Egyptian midfielder Tarek Hamed. Futuristic.


Generally speaking, you don’t see much animation in football, and when it’s so psychedelic, almost nonsense and weird, it’s even more noticeable. A mix between Goldeneye on Nintendo-64 and today’s hieroglyphs. And the music that creates anxiety, expectation. Then, almost want to dance. Tarek Hamed played 200 games for Zamalek before moving to Al-Ittihad. And being welcomed as a pharaoh is not bad as a welcome.

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