GC2022: Under The Waves, the first title published by Quantic Dream will be a techno

Now autonomous and cross-platform oriented, Quantic Dream develop action game star wars eclipse with Lucasfilm Games. Rumors have it that he is also preparing a mobile game dubbed Spellcaster and a demo-inspired adventure The Dark Sorcerer whose code name would be dreamland.

None of these projects was made official during the gamescom Opening Night Live, but rather the first game he will distribute as a publisher. This is’Under the Wavesa narrative game developed by the new team of Parallel Studio who will make us explore the depths of the oceans during 70s techno-futuristic alternatives. The adventure promises to be quite surprising, as we follow a diver trapped in the seabed and his thoughts. It will be designed in collaboration with the association Surfrider Foundation Europewhich defends the preservation of the oceans.

Under the Waves is a narrative adventure game about the overwhelming pressure of grief. Deep in the North Sea, in a techno-futuristic version of the 1970s, Stan, a professional diver, struggles to overcome a life-altering disappearance and to embrace a new future. The isolation of the seabed reflects his state of mind, and as he sinks deeper into his self-imposed solitude, Stan begins to experience strange happenings far below the waves. He will ultimately have to make a difficult choice… stay lost in the depths forever, or find salvation to reach the surface and the rest of his life.

A true love letter to the oceans, Under The Waves invites you to dive into its marvelous and lush underwater world, whose poetic and cinematographic hue serves as a setting for a poignant story. Live a unique adventure through Stan’s eyes and guide him through a flood of events that will drag him deeper and deeper into the abyss, a reflection of his own psyche.

Traverse the vast seabed piloting Stan’s submarine and meet the magnificent wildlife, Stan’s only company while he is the prisoner of his thoughts. Explore caves, wrecks and underwater infrastructure with Stan’s special suit, and follow the mysterious manifestations of his memories to find a way to the surface and save his life. Collect materials and craft equipment to help Stan continue this expedition and his self-discovery. You will have to dare to think outside the box to experience fascinating moments and learn more about the tragic past he is trying to escape…


  • A journey under the waves to the edge of reality – Experience a poetic underwater adventure to help Stan overcome his traumatic past and save his life. Will Stan ever rise to the surface?
  • Explore the depths of the sea – Pilot your submarine through the abyss, swimming through caves, wrecks and underwater infrastructure. On the trail of the past, put the pieces of the puzzle together by collecting junk, collectibles and crafting equipment that will help Stan continue his exploration.
  • Admire the beauty of the ocean – Dive into magnificent underwater environments deeper and deeper, immersing yourself in a contemplative mood carried by an atmospheric soundtrack.
  • A unique and mysterious setting – Experience an alternate reality from the year 1979 where retro, sci-fi and fantasy intertwine in a unique artistic direction.

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Under the Waves is planned on PC via theEpic Games Store, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S at an unknown date. The time is not yet for pre-orders, but if you want to discover or revisit the catalog of Quantic Dream, Detroit: Become Human is available from €24.72 at Amazon.co.uk.

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GC2022: Under The Waves, the first title published by Quantic Dream will be a techno-futuristic narrative game about ocean exploration