Flying taxis are coming: when, where and how much a ride will cost

To move, Milan offers a wide range of possibilities: buses, trolleybuses, trams, trains, car sharing, green mobility and now… even flying taxis. Sounds like science fictionbut it’s not. In at least three yearsin fact, the first flight should take off (the first flying taxi has taken off in Italy: here’s where we can go). Which routes can I travel on? How much will a ride cost? Where will the landing and take-off stations be?

The “futuristic” project of flying taxis in Milan

If the first rides on flying taxis will be possible in 2026on the occasion of Milan-Cortina Winter Olympicsthey could be built as early as next year the first “vertiports”. It was confirmed the CEO of Sea, Armando Bruniniduring the hearing in the Municipality of the Commissions for the budget, mobility and control of participating entities.

The project has already been in the pipeline for a couple of years, while the final resolution came just two months ago. “After the phase of the first studies, the next goal is to reach the first vertiports between 2023 and 2024, including design, construction and testing, to be ready in 2026,” said Brunini. To do this, according to Sea, it would be appropriate to create the ad hoc company.

The company would be composed of three partners. “We would start with control of the company and the two partners are one industrialist, Skyportswhich will contribute in specialist terms as regards vertiports, while the second shareholder would be 2nd Airports“. This is a group that controls other airports in Italy. “If it goes well, the 2i world could be leveraged to extend the project in other Italian geographical areas with potential demand”. Here we have talked about all the projects related to flying taxis in Italy.

Where will the flying taxis depart from

The construction of the first four “vertiports”, i.e. the necessary structures for vertical take-off and landing of flying taxis, should be inaugurated as early as 2024. The chosen locations are Roman Gate And City Life and the airports of Linate And Malpensa. The infrastructures will be rather small in size, 3-4 thousand square meterswith a mini terminal for check-in”.

At full capacity, the future and “futuristic” fleet of flying taxis will be able to transport approx 2 thousand passengers a day and, within three years, it should be operational too Shuttle Malpensa-City Center. The purpose is twofold: “improve accessibility to airports” And “decongest urban traffic”as well as “being ready for the 2026 Olympics”, Brunini said again.

“It is also also being worked on minivan for 6-8 passengers and maxi drones will also be able to cover 200-250 kilometers“. A big step up from the 50-60 kilometers guaranteed by the first aircraft.

How much will a ride cost

Initially the cost of tickets should settle on 120 euros per passengerwhich, however, could soon drop to 70-80 euros in case of large groups of customers. The first flying taxis will be able to transport a maximum of two peoplewhich will rise to four-six in the months following the launch of the initiative. “They will cost like a Ncc”Sea points out.

In the meantime, it goes on feasibility study of the established sections, which obviously must not hinder scheduled flights. 1 have been identified7 possible landing and take-off areasscattered between Milan and the province.

Flying taxis are coming: when, where and how much a ride will cost