Expannia Motorcycles: 100% electric motorcycles with Spanish DNA

Founded in Miami by the Spanish engineer José Luis Cobos Arteaga, Expannia Mortorcycles will have three electric models that will be launched on the market between 2023 and 2024.

The rise of electromobility it is also the perfect opportunity for more and more companies to join the two-wheeled sector. An example of this is the brand Expannia Motorcycles, created in Miami in 2021 by the Spanish engineer José Luis Cobos Arteaga. With a long career as an engineer for brands such as Iveco, Ford and Jaguar Land Rover, Cobos Arteaga decided to launch his own brand that not only produces electric motorcycles, but also develops cars and commercial vehicles.

As you can see in the images, great importance has been given to the appearance of some Expannia that will arrive in three variants: a limited and a standard version in two specifications. Futuristic, many elements have been reduced to the bare minimum. The seat doubles as a tail, the keel melts into what looks like an exhaust system imitation or the headlight becomes the fairing and ‘tank’ as you move towards the seat. A clearly long wheelbase also stands out.

In the mechanical part, the three models present notable differences. The Limited Edition is the most powerful of all thanks to a electrical unit that develops a power of 28 kW and a peak power of up to 97 kW. As for the standard version, Specification 01 declares 16 kW and up to 55 kW of peak power, while Specification 02 reduces those figures to 11 kW. At top speed, they are capable of reaching 160, 140 and 120 km/h, respectively. At the electronic level, the limited version is the most equipped, with three driving modes and another two fully customizable, as well as tire pressure sensors. By battery, the Expannia Limited Edition and the standard Specification 01 share a unit with 8.35 kWh capacity and a maximum range of 250 km. For its part, Specification 02 presents a 4.17 kWh battery that ensures a maximum range of 150 km.

Expannia Limited Edition Motorcycle Slider

At the chassis level, the Expannia Limited Edition presents a frame made of carbon fiber and titanium, together with some suspensions signed by Öhlins and a Brembo brake team. In the other two versions, the equipment in this sense is more restrained, with Showa units for both the front and rear axles, as well as J.Juan signed brakes. All three share a seat height of 790mm, making them ideal for any type of rider, regardless of their height.

Regarding its availability, Expannia Motorcycles is already accepting reservations for its three models (of which there will be a total of 100 units for the US market). The Limited Edition can already be reserved upon payment of a deposit of 3,000 dollars that will be deducted from the $65,900 (about 62,900 euros) and its estimated launch date is for the last quarter of 2023. For its part, the Expannia Specification 01 can be reserved for $1,000, it is priced at $23,500 (22,700 euros to change) and will arrive at the end of 2023. Specification 02 stands as the cheapest option, paying a ticket of 150 dollars for a price of $15,900 (15,400 euros). It will also arrive later, specifically by the end of 2024. Will they arrive in Spain? Well, everything seems to point to it, since Expannia Motorcycles has offices in Malaga, the city of origin of its founder.

Expannia Motorcycles: 100% electric motorcycles with Spanish DNA