Epic Games Store, Star Wars: Squadrons as a gift!

Like every Thursday Epic Games Store give away a free game for yours pcthis week we fight in space as pilots of theEmpire or of the New Republic in Star Wars: Squadrons.

Star Wars: Squadrons places us among the best pilots in the cosmos, in command of starfighters x-wing And TIEin the constant struggle between Dark side and the Forcein a story never told after the events of The Return of the Jediin the infinite futuristic universe -past- conceived by the legendary director George Lucas.

Let’s get into incredibles space battles, inside cockpits reconstructed in every single detail. We get rewards for customize our vehicles fighters, new weapons, and boarding legendary fighters. Let’s team up with other racers in pitched battles in the multiplayer modeand aim for the supremacy of the galaxy.

You can make your own Star Wars: Squadronsonly on Epic Game Store, creating an account – in case you haven’t already done so – and following the link to the game. Do not miss this offer, that will expire at 17:00 on Thursday 1 December!

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Epic Games Store, Star Wars: Squadrons as a gift!