Companies find themselves in a very complex moment due to the market dynamism which led to a series of upheavals including theinflation followed by a period of long closures and economic slowdown. The greatest difficulties concern precisely those that have physical offices in the area and which, in addition to having to overcome such a complex economic scenario, find themselves having to deal with the web competition.

For these reasons, more and more realities decide to adopt smart advertising solutions to get noticed and, therefore, attract the attention of passers-by to lead them inside the business. We refer, for example, to the advertising screens produced by Macropix, i.e. intelligent solutions with a great visual impact capable of offering an image more in step with the times and, therefore, attracting the gaze of those who pass in front of them without excessive consumption. Let’s see better what it is.

Advertising screens: what are they?

The advertising screens they are devices on which to project different types of content according to the communicative purpose. For example, they can be adoptedexterior of a business to invite people to enter and to show, in preview, what they will find inside. Or you can use them to create wonderful interactive showcasesby the look innovative and futuristic
and with an incredible visual impact.

These screens you can too compose with each otherin such a way as to create real visual walls in which to transmit images in a coordinated way. In other words, it is such an advanced technology, and at the same time simple to use, that it allows any type of format or video content to be transmitted in giant format. The modular LED screensknown in the market as LED wallsconstitute one of the most interesting turning points in this great world of innovation and very high resolution which, as we will see below, also offer innumerable advantages.

What are the benefits?

The advantages announced above concern primarily the energy saving. In particular one LED screenby virtue of the technology of which it is composed, it allows you to create highly sharp effects a reduced consumption energetic. In particular, the emitting diode lights up at the slightest passage of light and, above all, does not overheat, thus making the LED screens convenient and durable.

The reduced energy consumption, combined with long life cycle of these products, causes more and more companies and organizations to decide to adopt them for communications, information and advertising. But that is not all.

The LED screens they are also highly customizable
and, therefore, they can be installed and composed for any need, both indoors and outdoors. The RGB chip technology, in fact, allows to obtain the best possible resolution also in adverse light conditions, such as during very bright days. Obviously, outdoor LED screens are resistant to any climatic condition and, therefore, they are robust and reliable in time.

For all these reasons LED screens are the most popular technology in the communication, advertising and information fields, but they are also the most popular solution in the private sector, where they have gradually replaced traditional entertainment systems.

Energy-saving advertising screens: the most popular solution of the moment