Einride shows an electric trailer with a futuristic design and packed with technology

During the Einride Mesh conference held last Thursday, May 19, the Swedish startup showed two of its novelties related to software and hardware. In addition to updating its Saga operating system for managing the operation and maintenance of electric truck fleets, it also showcased a spectacular new electric vehicle. The E Trailer it’s a electric trailer compatible with its electric semi-trailers that can be driven by a remote operator, to which extends autonomy thanks to its integrated batterya.

What does Einride do?

Einride, founded in 2016, describes itself as a charging technology company that develops electrified commercial mobility solutions with autonomous trucks of Class 8. In 2018 it began its journey with the presentation of the T-Log a fully electric self-driving logging truck. The pod can be considered its successor: a fully electric and autonomous truck, since it dispenses with the driver’s cabin and which conducted real road tests in Sweden in 2019.

Einride continues to advance the Pods capsules. In March 2020, Einride announced the start of this program with the hiring of the first of several “remote autonomous truck operators”. It is a software through which a remote operator seated in a cab similar to the one shown used in racing video games drive several trucks from a distance. A comfortable seat with multiple monitors connected in real time to the cameras that are located on board an AET (Autonomous Electric Transport) and a steering wheel, an accelerator and a brake pedal, connected to the vehicle, which send orders through the 5G network to the truck mechanics. Einride’s teleoperation system includes transmission of high definition video working in collaboration with the network 5G low latency. These technologies allow the operator to see what is happening around the truck in real time as if they were sitting behind the wheel.

In parallel with the implementation of its electric truck service with driver and its futuristic Pods, Einride also offers the saga platform for the management of electric trucks that helps to optimize the fleets and logistics of its clients. It is a data-based electric truck fleet management system. In 2022, Einride has announced plans to roll it out to 200 BYD Class 8 electric trucks in the US and has partnered with Danish shipping giant Maersk to increase shipping efficiency. These plans, outside of Sweden, are accompanied by the update of the Saga platform.

The E-Trailer is designed to integrate seamlessly with other Einride electric and autonomous vehicles providing optimum performance.

saga update

During the Einride Mesh event in Gothenburg last week, the company brought together experts and analysts for keynotes, panel discussions and technology demonstrations. In addition, this act was used to announce Saga OS advances.

Today, Saga helps to precisely optimize transport flows for electric and autonomous transport fleets through algorithms that analyze all the physical conditions and needs of the route. For the first time, Einride showcased an expanded and updated user interface of the original Saga apps: Evolve, Explore, Book, and Orchestrate. Additionally, Einride gave Mesh attendees a sneak peek of its new platform for API developers, Extend API which incorporates three new premium applications designed specifically to help fleet customers simplify their deliveries:

  • Deliver (Delivery): Provides drivers with delivery instructions, real-time status updates, and digital proof of delivery, while keeping warehouse teams informed.
  • Dock (Dock): Aligns autonomous deliveries with their corresponding shipping terminals.
  • Own (Own): Monitors the profitability and sustainability of electrical assets.

Saga also helps load management and preventive maintenanceaddressing potential issues before they become too costly to fix or even become a safety issue.

Einride E-Trailer, electric trailer Pod driving remiota platform saga-interior2
For now, the startup defines the E-Trailer as a “design concept,” but its plans are for it to reach production in a production schedule beginning in early 2023.

New electric trailer E-Trailer

Finally, although this is probably the most important and spectacular part of the event, Einride presented the E-Trailerthe company’s next electric vehicle based on the pod capsules. The startup defines it for now as a “design concept”, but his plans are for it to reach production in a pilot program that will start early 2023once the design is finally completed.

The E-Trailer is designed to integrate seamlessly with Einride’s other electric and autonomous vehicles providing optimal performance. It will also be compatible with conventional electric semi-trailers. According to the press release, the E-Trailer combined with one of the tractor options mentioned above can extend the overall range over 650 kilometers on a single charge. “The E-Trailer’s integrated batteries allow it to extend the range of Einride’s connected electric trucks. Depending on the capacity of the batteries, 320 kWh, we can project the autonomy that the towing vehicle could achieve”.

Einride is committed to showcasing future iterations in the E-Trailer design and providing more information on the exact range it will provide to electric vehicles pulling it. In addition to offering additional reach, the E-Trailer will be equipped with Saga technology for route management, maintenance and recharging.

Einride shows an electric trailer with a futuristic design and packed with technology