Dyson unveils Zone, futuristic headphones with air purifier

The manufacturer has not yet communicated on the characteristics of his latest find. Do you dare to wear this strange creation?

Dyson specializes in home and hair products. The brand notably displays in its catalog vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, hair dryers and other straighteners/curlers. Sound is therefore in no way the specialty of this English firm, which tries to bring innovations to each of its products. They are not lacking in his latest creation.

The visor of the Dyson Zone helmet is removable©Dyson

No, this product is not a concept! It is truly intended to be marketed despite its futuristic design and its relatively dark connotation. baptized Areait has a double utility and acts both as an audio headset and as an air purifier.

Recycle and purify the air to alleviate pollution

The Zone incorporates air filtration technology, and it’s all around the face that it’s happening. The air thus enters through the headphones using compressors, then is filtered before reaching the front part placed in front of the nose and mouth. Contrary to what some of the photos taken by Dyson may suggest, the front visor is not glued to the face but has a corridor allowing air to circulate. Thus, the wearer can breathe 99% purified air according to the British company.

The manufacturer specifies that several power levels are then available, depending on the effort provided by the user. The setting can also be done automatically with the support of an accelerometer which thus detects, for example, when the wearer begins to run.

Bluetooth headphones with active noise reduction

In addition to the front part dedicated to air purification, the Zone features headphones with active (ANC) and passive noise cancellation. To do this, it typically relies on a series of microphones. However Dyson does not provide more technical details on the speakers, microphones and autonomy in particular. A total of three ANC modes would be available, including one for isolation and immersion, one for conversations and a final one for transparency when the person wants to be fully aware of their surroundings. It would then suffice to move the front visor to switch from one mode to another.

Note that Dyson has still provided a system to remove the visor and keep only the helmet. However, sound enthusiasts may be tempted to favor recognized brands in this specific field such as Sennheiser or Bose, to recite nobody else but them. Dyson’s strength is indeed air management and not sound.

For the time being, the group has not communicated the technical characteristics or the selling price of its Zone. It only specifies that it will be launched in the fall. If it has little chance of convincing on the Old Continent, countries like China or Korea, marked by heavy pollution, could find a real interest in it.

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Dyson unveils Zone, futuristic headphones with air purifier