Ducati and Aprilia, the attack will come from below: new mediums on the horizon

Drums of war? For some seasons now we have witnessed an overwhelming Chinese advance on the market front. The new Asian manufacturers, on the strength of an extremely aggressive as well as tempting pricing policy and a gradually increasing quality and stylistic level of the new motorcycles, are conquering ever greater slices of the market.
The hunting ground are mainly the medium / low-end segments of displacement: Adventure and Nakedbut also Modern Classic and some more sporty proposals are starting to appear.

He who hesitates is lost

But something is starting to move here to try to stem a climb that is becoming increasingly important. The battleships ready to hoist the banners are called Ducati and Aprilia. Two brands that the world envies us and that would be ready to take up the gauntlet, going to tease the fine palates but also a younger user today strongly distracted and which represents a considerable worry if you look at the future of motorcycling. From both our own brands we can expect nothing but products of high appeal, which draw heavily from the world of their older sisters, means that are highly appreciated on a commercial level as well as in terms of image.


Some rumors speak of news that we should see in a couple of seasons and concern a family of bikes that could exploit the technical basis of the new Granturismo V4. We are in the field of hypotheses but it is easy to imagine a move that would lead to the realization of three proposals on a scale of the various Panigale / Supersport, Multistrada and Streetfighter. A range of “entry” into the Ducati world, with a common factor being a parallel twin-cylinder engine (see graphic elaboration) with a displacement of 600-700 cc that would see sportiness declined towards more affordable vehicles both in terms of price and performance, without prejudice to the undeniable charm of Bolognese products.


From Noale, after the lucky one triptych of 660 (with orders for RS, Tuono and above all Tuareg in strong growth), the next novelty would bring the House of the Lion of Venice towards the world of 400 cc. For some time now, there has been talk of the arrival of a medium / small (or a family in this case too) that exploits the base of the 660 engine with the hot part (therefore cylinders and heads) revised for a reduction in volume. Something is moving.

On an aesthetic level, we expect a family feeling with the older sistersi, while on the cycling level something will change, to adapt the structure to the lower engine capacity and cavalry. In this case we are talking about a mixed trellis scheme (similar but not identical to the layout of the 750 and 900 twin-cylinder fuels) which would allow to keep production costs and final price low.

In short, if in China they play the drums in Italy we prepare for the trumpet blast, and what a blast. We are probably at the beginning of a counter-move on the market front that can only do good: to fans.

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Ducati and Aprilia, the attack will come from below: new mediums on the horizon – News