Does Tower of Fantasy have cross

The new free MMMORPG, Tower of Fantasyits T sweeping downloads both on PC and mobile and hundreds of players join its futuristic world every day. Among the community of newcomers, many may wonder if this is a title that has a cross-play and cross-save systemi.e. cross play and cross save for progress in our game regardless of the platforms we use at different times.

Next in this entry of our guide, in case you have doubts, we will let’s clarify if Tower of Fantasy has cross-play and cross-save and All the steps to link your account between platforms.

Does it have cross-play?

  • yesTower of Fantasy has cross-play enabled and available for PC and mobile devices.

This means that players can play multiplayer with your friends from any available platform. On both PC and mobile (Android and iOS) cross-play is available and no matter Whichever platform you choose to play on, you can always join or invite other players without having to share the same platform.

That yes, remember that to enjoy the cross-play the players must be on the same server and region.

Does it have cross-save?

  • Yes, cross-save is available in Tower of Fantasy for all your platforms.

This means that you can start playing Tower of Fantasy from any platform and later switch to another to keep progressing right where you left off, without losing any progress. You can jump from one platform to another whenever you want so you will never lose your progress. Now this cross-save feature is only available to players to create an account (and not for those who play as a guest).

How to link your Tower of Fantasy account?

In order to enjoy the cross-play and cross-save features of Tower of Fantasy you need to create an account in the video game. In this way, the account you use will link from any other platform as long as log in.

Regardless of the platform you use to play Tower of Fantasy, whether it is PC or Android and iOS mobiles, the game will always keep you welcome with a screen where you can create your account or log in.

If this is your first time playing Tower of Fantasy, make sure you create an account:

  • You can create your Tower of Fantasy account by choosing from several options.
    • through a mail account electronic.
    • Through five third party accounts: Apple, Google (Gmail), Facebook, Twitter and Line.
  • All six login methods are available in the PC version.
  • iOS does not support signing in with a Google account.
  • Android does not support signing in with an Apple ID.

All your progress, characters, and purchases made in Tower of Fantasy with one account are fully synchronized between platforms. As you can see, creating an account is very important if you are thinking of enjoying cross-play with your friends or want to continue playing Tower of Fantasy from any available platform. If you play as a guest, you run the risk of lose your progress in case you lose the device you play on.

Does Tower of Fantasy have cross-play and cross-save?: How to link accounts