Destiny 2: Eclipse, release date, Dark Thread Doctrine and cyberpunk city on Neptune for the next expansion!

Bungie had given us an appointment to discover extension Eclipse and the Season 18 of Destiny 2 Tuesday evening during his annual showcase. More than ever, we come out of this viewing more hyped than ever about the future of the game. The information being particularly numerous, we will detail it separately in several articles, starting with the big piece that is Lightfallwhose atmosphere has everything to surprise. As of February 28, 2023, our Guardians will therefore land on Neptune where there is a city with aesthetics cyberpunk lined with neon lights, Neomunaa megacity where an alternate version of humanity has developed since the Fallwhich we were not aware of. Savathun warned us by declaring that the Last City was not. And to introduce all this and much more, place a superb cinematic, which was even then rebroadcast during the gamescom Opening Night Live !

Whether or not you have completed the campaign of The Witch Queenyou can no longer escape it, nor what is left of humanity, because the Witness will be at the center of theYear 6 and extension. However, he is obviously not going to get his hands dirty too much, leaving that to his newest disciple Calluses and his troops boosted by the Darkness. The ex-Cabal Emperor will also visibly merge with a brand new ship of disproportionate scale, especially compared to its accompanying fleet of pyramids, and will lead the Shadow Legion on Neptune, invading Neomuna in search of lost technology. which will lead our Guardians to discover this city is still shrouded in mystery, but can already be guessed thanks to the description of the collector evoking Osirisin addition to the famous flying “fish” of theExo unknown which a priori comes from Neptune!

And although these Cloudwalker having chosen to protect the people from Neomuna come out of nowhere just like their city, the clues were there, however, since the last report of the Table of Evidence presented messages from Rasputin evoking a mysterious Nefele Fortress. In Greek mythology, Nephele is either designated as a cloud or a cloud nymph, so it makes sense now. The tutelary spirit being absent since the arrival of the pyramids in the system and having to obtain a body ofexo in the future, maybe he will make the connection during the Season 19 to lead us to this destination?

Destiny 2 Lightfall Eclipse screenshot 02 24 08 2022

These Cabals modified will have their own appearance and above all will count among them a brand new unit called Tormentor. These colossi, obviously from a new breed, wield a scythe and will be as formidable as bosses, enough to make life hard for us during our infiltration of this occupied city. The Shadow Legion can also deprive us of our powers by deploying suppressors. The fashion campaign Legendary will also be backmore than appreciated with The Witch Queen, and will broadly provide a similar challenge. Even if it is not said, it will therefore be replayable from there.


The broken glass sparkles in the night. The soldiers of the Legion of Shadow confront the Guardians in the shadow of the fleet above them. The Witness and his new Disciple are there. At the heart of the chaos, embark on a journey that will reveal the hidden threads that bind us, the possibility of unraveling them, as well as the way to master them in order to weave them again. With this new power at your disposal, harness the strength of your fellow Guardians and triumph over the impossible. Legendary mode is back!


Travel to a destination you’ve never explored before in Destiny 2. Meet the terrifying Tormentors and the valiant Cloudstriders, fight against the Legion of Shadows, and prevent the destruction of the secretive and technologically advanced city of Neomuna.


Face all dangers, roam the cityscape, search for lost technology and master new powers to save humanity.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Eclipse 46 24 08 2022 Destiny 2 Lightfall Eclipse 47 24 08 2022

To deal with these new threats, we are going to havea Doctrine unpublished, which is indeed green in color as supposed, but has nothing to do with steam or poison as some theorized. No, it’s the very fabric of reality that we’ll be playing with, a power of Darkness called Darkthread (Strand in English) that we are going to discover and of which we will be the first users in the universe of the game. The developers explained that the Darkthread connects beings, giving access to a psychic universe as if we were opening our 3rd eye, “awareness, fluidity, control of one’s environment and manipulation of one’s enemies” being the general themes of this tenebrous ability. Except it’s not really Doctor Strange that we are going to play, but rather to Spidermanbecause the grapple associated with the Doctrine can be used to navigate the environment and will not need physical support in the air to be fixed. Originally designed for Hunters, everyone was finally entitled to it and fortunately. To navigate among the skyscrapers, it will be ideal, but not only, since its use will also allow us to move easily in full confrontation.

Incidentally, the denomination “Architects” for the Arcanists is enough to make us laugh yellow, because the message appearing in game when we die involuntarily indicates that we have been killed by the Architects. Were we our own tormentors all this time?


Master the Darkness and grasp the threads of consciousness.

  • Arcanists Architects – Architects effortlessly manipulate the Web using only their minds. From the back lines, these telekinetic wizards can even shape the Dark Thread to create intelligent creatures at their command.
  • Hunters Weavers – Masters of movement, speed and grace. The city is the playground of the Weavers, where they grab threads to weave them before throwing it in the air in order to move at lightning speed.
  • Tyrant Titans – Untamed and savage, the Tyrants tear the Dark Thread to create claws that they use to sever the link between their targets and the Web. Risking their lives recklessly, they are always the ones who define the limit not to be exceeded.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Eclipse 17 24 08 2022

Otherwise, a first exotic weapon from the expansion can already be unlocked for use in game, at least if you pre-order the game with its Annual pass. We will come back to this in detail in the article dedicated to editions, but here is already the description of this astonishing arsenal, an automatic rifle like no other:


The Cloudstepper’s arsenal has been revamped and is now in your hands. We don’t claim knowledge of nanite technology, but what we do know is that there is no other automatic rifle that becomes a rocket launcher, which itself becomes a grenade launcher.

You will also notice that the extension’s logo is reminiscent of that of the animated film by Pixar, Buzz LightningWhere Lightyear in English, which is quite funny and has not failed to be noted.

There are therefore six months left before the launch ofEclipseso who knows what else we have in store Bungie as a surprise. The previous expansions of Destiny 2 are otherwise available for purchase at the house of Gamesplanet.

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Destiny 2: Eclipse, release date, Dark Thread Doctrine and cyberpunk city on Neptune for the next expansion!