DeLorean Unveils Two Stunning Electric Prototypes at Pebble Beach

DeLorean, the old brand of the mythical DMC-12 of Return to the futureIt is more alive than ever. Americans want to experience a second golden age thanks to electric mobility. With a car ready to go on sale, the future of the company will open up to new and daring models. We have seen an idea of ​​what is to come during the important Pebble Beach event, during the Monterey Car Week. DeLorean has come to the event with two impressive electric prototypes, one more futuristic than the other.

Although Pebble Beach has already crowned this year’s jewel, many brands and manufacturers take advantage of the massive event to make important presentations. During these days we have been able to see spectacular prototypes and very interesting presentations. Without going any further, we have attended the presentation of the first muscle cars electric, the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept with its particular exhaust system, and much more.

DeLorean has gone for a more intimate, but not impressive, unveiling ceremony. There are two models, both prototypes, that he has exhibited to the public. The first of them is him DeLorean Omega 2040. With a Baja-type off-road body, it exposes the brand’s vision for the future in the medium term. A concept sketch that although it will not be produced, it allows us to see the creative and conceptual capabilities of the brand.

The DeLorean Omega 2040 will not reach production, but it is no less spectacular for that

Something that was already very clear to us with the presentation of the DeLorean Alpha 5, which will become the first production model of the house in this new era. On the basis of the Alpha 5, the second prototype has been presented with the code name of DeLorean Alpha 5 Plasmatail Concept. As you can guess from its line, it is an additional bodywork to the gull-winged coupé that we already knew. A solution shooting brake which has a much more accurate entry into production.

The company itself has communicated it, giving the production start date of 2024, shortly after the first Alpha 5 units begin to roll off the assembly line. At the moment, DeLorean still does not report important details or data of its first product. Aspects such as price, power, battery capacity or production capacity are still to be known. DeLorean may not report these terms because even they don’t currently know the numbers.

The prototypes presented by DeLorean during Pebble Beach serve as a claim. A declaration of intent to elevate the staging of the reborn company. A futuristic and improbable concept car and a much more rational and logical marketing model. Pebble Beach never disappoints. For a few days the city of Monterey is filled with visitors and great fortunes, rich clients whom the brands want to attract in order, in this case, to be able to finance their vision of the future.

DeLorean Unveils Two Stunning Electric Prototypes at Pebble Beach