Debate, unity and bonuses

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Jaime Luis Soto

Heading towards the dispute over the vacant senatorial position, the great challenge for the political parties –and for those who will be their respective candidates- will be to get the people of Tamaulipas to be interested and participate in the special elections to be held soon.

And it is that putting things honestly, much has been said about these imminent extraordinary elections, but little enthusiasm has been seen, until now, on the part of the general public.

Right now everyone is talking about the World Cup, and when Qatar is over, what other topic will become a trending topic on social networks? We do not believe that the senate, for now.

What many predict is that the multi-cited senate will be won by Morena, whoever the candidate is, since it is, without a doubt, the most powerful party at the state and national level.

So much so that it is already anticipated that Morena will sweep the State of Mexico in 2023 with the teacher DELFINA GÓMEZ, to be the prelude to what will happen in 2024, when the presidential elections take place.

In this futuristic panorama, the presidential chair would go to CLAUDIA SHEINBAUM, MARCELO EBRARD or ADÁN AUGUSTO LÓPEZ HERNÁNDEZ.

Returning to the initial theme, the mayor of Matamoros, MARIO ALBERTO LÓPEZ HERNÁNDEZ, insisted for the umpteenth time that he considers himself the best candidate for the senatorial position. It is his very personal opinion of him, for the record.

We pointed it out in a previous collaboration: MARIO LÓPEZ swept twice in the local elections in Matamoros, but we are now talking about the entire Tamaulipas geography, not just one municipality.

Another who raised his hand was the former superdelegate JOSÉ RAMÓN GÓMEZ LEAL, although we find it extremely difficult for him to win the survey that the cherry party will supposedly carry out to elect the candidate for the senatorial position.

There are those who believe that CARLOS CANTUROSAS can get many Tamaulipas to vote for Morena due to the recent history when he became politically persecuted by the previous state government.

Changing the subject, Governor AMÉRICO VILLARREAL ANAYA confirmed that the third regional meeting with the mayors will be in the central region, next Sunday.

Let us remember that the first regional meeting was in the Altiplano and the second on the border, specifically in Reynosa. In both regions, rescue plans and financial support for municipalities were announced, depending on their most pressing needs.

Let’s take into account that the Altiplano municipalities have different needs than the border ones, therefore the plans that are being designed are different, but all based on humanist policies to support the most needy families.

By the way, interviewed at the Government Palace, Dr. AMÉRICO spoke of the impressive march that took place in Mexico City to support President ANDRÉS MANUEL LÓPEZ OBRADOR and to celebrate his fourth year in government.

For the governor, the march was strong proof that the majority of Mexicans support LÓPEZ OBRADOR.

We conclude this collaboration with the note that the three candidates for Section 30 of the SNTE quickened their pace and are touring most of the municipalities to ask the members of the Tamaulipas teachers to vote.

Both ABELARDO IBARRA, NAIF HAMSCHO and ARNULFO RODRÍGUEZ TREVIÑO have said, each one separately, that they will win the internal elections of the SNTE.

NAIF called for a debate, ABELARDO promised to preserve unity after the elections and ARNULFO said that he will defend the rights of education workers, such as the Christmas bonus, for example.


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