The Nevers Boots country dance association will celebrate its 21st anniversary on Saturday 19 November.

21 candles that should be blown out by nearly 300 people at the Centre-expo.

“With an average of sixty members per year for 21 years, we wanted to mark the event by calling on a very scenic and energetic group well known from country festivals”, indicates Gilles Hennequin, president of the club. , “their visit, scheduled for 2021 for the 20th anniversary of the association created by Irène Cousin, had to be postponed due to the health crisis”.

This is how the group Crazy Pug will find themselves, in flesh and blood, and especially in steampunk, on the stage of the Center-expo, Saturday, November 19, from 9 p.m.
Originally from the southwest (the accent doesn’t deceive anyone), Crazy Pug is a recognized group, for which country dancers travel massively.

We have a country-rock repertoire dedicated to country dancers

“We have a country-rock repertoire dedicated to country dancers”, confirms David, singer-guitarist of the group. “Our group stands out with an original stage outfit in retro futuristic fashion and I will be accompanied on stage by Stéphane, Cécilia and Christophe to offer the dancers a most intense evening”, he explains.

A delight for the president of the Nevers Boots country dance club, Gilles Hennequin. “Our balls generally attract between 100 and 160 people. There, we expect a lot more people. But, above all, what we want is also to attract another audience. You don’t have to be a country dancer to come to this concert, at an affordable price”.

Before Crazy Pug ignites the Center-expo, the dancers have an appointment from 7 p.m. for a ball with a repertoire of essential “vintage” and current dances.

premium Portrait of the president of Nevers Boots country dance, Gilles Hennequin

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“These dances are learned by many other clubs”, explains Gilles Hennequin, “we are in contact with each other; dances are chosen and put in a “common pot”, so when we organize balls, we can all dance to the same dances”.
Saturday evening, neighboring clubs, Loiret, Allier, Cher but also from further afield will come to participate in this neversois meeting.

Laura Brunet

Dances – The Center-Expo of Nevers will vibrate to the sounds of the country ball