Dakar 2023

It is the reference team of the Dakar. 27 “cars” in the race, 180 people for an exceptional organizational machine. And now Vision Concept, an exploration of the future of Side by Side on a logical evolutionary line

January 12, 2023

Andmpty Quarter MarathonJanuary 12. South Racing will become Constructor. The team headed by Scott Abraham and which has become the reference organization of the Dakar, unveiled the project Vision Concept Side-by-Side. For now it’s a CAD image, but just go back over the few years of the Factory’s existence and follow its lightning-fast evolution to be certain that the piano keys are already written. South Racing makes racing to this Dakar 27 “little cars”has a structure of 180 people And 80 means of supporta modular structure that has allowed it to expand “simply” on the basis of the request, expanding its organizational and technical strength at will. We live the adrenaline a technological rush in which the future must necessarily be written now, and the 5 Dakar victories of a Can-Am Maverick South Racing led the development of the funny Side-by-Side state of the art. Her shortcomings, if one can say so, in the general development panorama of Motorsport, they are evident. Because of this Vision Concept today combines design parameters, sustainable powertrain technology, safety and performance. The design of the new car focuses on the new philosophy of “little cars” according to the vision of South Racing.

Scott Abraham, CEO of South Racing: “Our goal is to create a vehicle that is consistent with our beliefs of a sustainable future in line with our partner’s sustainability goals, as well as with the energy transition program of the FIA ​​and Dakar (ASO). Through South Racing, we plan to complement our existing T3 and T4 vehicles with the Vision Concept and as a result help achieve a future of sustainable high performance racing that will adapt to future technologies.”

The key elements of the design include: Lightweight design based on 3D printing technology and CFRP materials, recycled carbon and natural fibers. Bodywork that focuses on aerodynamic efficiency. Design inspired by advanced racing car technology. The reference to a representative aestheticalone “paradoxically” represented in today’s Side-by-Side, it is evident. The interesting thingand challenging at the same time, is that at the moment this is not a car to be developed for or with Can-Am. The concept car is for the moment a South Racing project, not a Can-Am platform. South Racing means anticipate trends in development of Side-by-Side offering something futuristic and, above all, farsighted. Certainly an ambitious project, within the reach of the team, but also very expensive. One has to assume that Scott Abraham won’t be alone. In fact, there’s already a queue at his office!

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Dakar 2023-D11. Photo finish. South Racing Becomes a Constructor – Dakar – CarCar