Crush at Kiabi for this vintage and very trendy Cha Cha collection at a very low price!

In 2023, project your children into the fun and colorful universe of the 60s through this new collection from Kiabi.

Back to the future at Kiabi with this children’s capsule with vintage accents. Discover how to dress your little monsters with this pop and colorful collection inherited from the 60’s. We tell you more…

Kiabi, an intergenerational brand

Fashion at Kiabi has not ceased to amaze us since the beginning of this new year. Indeed, since the first days of January, the tone has been set!

The ready-to-wear label has indeed decided to satisfy its customers again and again. And always with coins trends and at easy prices.

Indeed, small budgets undermined by inflation have a good chance of being able to have fun in the shop. Like with this down jacket for less than 25 euros. She invites herself to allow us to end the winter season warm.

All generations of ages can find their happiness with the brand. This is also what makes the success of the brand with customers.

Because at Kiabi, we can indeed come shopping with family. Take advantage of your next visit to the store to bring your mom, your teenagers or even your beloved grandma with you. You know, the one who loves to keep up to date with the latest trends!

Everyone will find something to wear with references that speak to everyone. Urban, futuristic or classic, ensure a look that transcends fashions.

At Kiabi, don’t hesitate to stop by the children’s department if you need new clothes for your little ones. Because beautiful surprises await you there.

As this adorable baby onesieé who has already cracked more than one mom. This piece for infants is certainly one of the best-selling items in stores in recent times.

Just like this collection of cute clothes for 0 to 3 year olds. To dress the biggest, Kiabi has also just signed a new capsule with designer Charlène Bornard. We’ll tell you about it right now…

A pop collection that gives color to winter!

In the head of the ChaCha brand, she has just lent her talents to the brand to create a collection of children’s clothing that we love.

Inspired by the cheerful and colorful universe of the 1960s, this “Twist & Kids” capsule presented on Instagramcontains some little wonders to shop without further delay.

As these “florer power” fleece dungarees that your daughter will love to wear for its tangy orange-dominated colors. We love this totally retro look!

Your little boy, meanwhile, will fall for this zipped and striped sweatshirt set and its jogging pants. Here again, Kiabi marvelously summons the exuberant sixties!

Treat your toddlers at low prices

In 2023, fashion here is definitely making a leap into the past. And this, to recover the best of it and make the whole thing ultimately more than modern. In this capsule, also melt for this printed undershirt for girls.

This one will indeed love it with its “all over” prints and its typical 60’s fashion turtleneck. As always with Kiabi, low prices are in order for this unique collection.

You will find what dress up your cherubs with outfits not exceeding, for the most expensive, the sum of 25 euros. This is enough to fill your children’s dressing room for a long time. We are almost sure that parents will be jealous of this fun fashion dedicated to the youngest!

Crush at Kiabi for this vintage and very trendy Cha Cha collection at a very low price!