Civilization and the fucked up

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Negotiation in Mexico/Archive/EFE

We won’t exist by then

It remains for me to write, make documentaries, films that narrate the horror that we have experienced and that we will continue to experience as long as power continues to be usurped by Maduro, Flores, Cabello, Rodríguez, who are not simply dictators, but criminals who established the worst tyranny we have ever seen. known in history since the Independence of the Americas. If not, why would 6 million Venezuelans have fled from the land of grace called Venezuela?

But I write because I am an activist for freedom and above all for conscience. I do not write for myself or for you, I write for the future. My activism is futuristic.

You and I -those of today- will not exist by then.

you were not born

The first thing I must warn the future, is to tell you that by the time this reflection was written (August 2022) you were not born, it is that a tyranny guided in the dark by a psychiatrist (or several) as was Germany Hitler’s Russia, Stalin’s Russia, Milosevic’s Yugoslavia or Chavez-Maduro’s Venezuela, must be combated early in a total way, with a lot of strategy and cunning, but totally. Yes, no squeamishness, politics or faggots, otherwise you will fail.

A criminal tyranny like the Chavista can only be eradicated with strategy, a lot of cunning and organization, through a total popular and national rebellion. The rest is bullshit.

The whole country, every city, in rebellion.

the fucked up

In the 3,500-year history of civilization, man has only experienced “democracies” (all imperfect, the least bad being the American one) in the last 250 years. Therefore, anthropologically, psychologically and culturally, man is accustomed to being subdued (in clearer terms: to be screwed) and can live “fucked” as long as there is bread and wine in his house, and in the agora (in the public square and in the stadium, in the meeting place) there is a circus, a lot of circuses.

The fact that Chavismo has decided to convert to the most savage neoliberalism possible has an explanation: survival, bread and wine in each house for work.

They are the circus and their best clown, Maduro, rules.

total domination

A ruse developed by Soviet terrorist communism (Russia’s darkest age), by Lenin and Stalin, was “dialogue” with the West. They always dialogued with the United States and Europe to gain time and control over their people. It was also a matter of survival. As they “dialogued” they dominated their peoples more severely and threatened the world with nuclear weapons. In Venezuela, the dialogue has the same goal: survival, total domination over the “fucked” and threat to the region.

The dialogue in Norway, the worst mistake ever made, was and will be just that: survival of tyranny, submission of the “fucked up” and regional control. They made it.

Dialogue is part of the circus.

The horror prediction

I saw and warned about the disastrous consequences of the “dialogue” in Norway, it was obvious. The precision with which I observed and predicted it (the Chavista dystopia) still surprises me, which is why I write to the future, so that they never make the mistake that the opposition leadership made in this dramatic and disastrous historical time: dialogue, negotiate, cohabit with criminals. Criminal tyrannies are combated comprehensively, not halfway. Always doubt whoever tries to “combat” a half-hearted tyranny, learn well: dialogue never works, it only stretches the survival of the tyrants and will keep the people screwed.

If you want to change the anthropological, psychological and cultural reality of the 3,500 years of civilization, you have to fight like Washington, Bolívar or Churchill did.

And fighting means: total popular rebellion.

concluding postscript

Do not follow the example of the Venezuelan opposition, please. Organize a total popular rebellion and you will win. It is possible to do it, in Venezuela we did it twice (April 2002 and December 2007) and we defeated Chávez. Only the auction was missing and it was not done out of politics and “dialogue”. Learn from our history, which is your history. I lived it, that’s why I’m telling you. I hope you are born soon…


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Civilization and the fucked up